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Thread: ARMA 2: OA beta build 89647 (1.60 MP compatible build, post 1.60 release)

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    Num-5 will re-center the view. But yeah, it had me confused the first few times it hit me. I'm not sure how it's supposed to work, but for me using a slight amount of deadzone, it messes up driving badly. It's like, first nothing happens at all until a certain input threshold is met, then it kicks inn far too much (could be issue with my controller setup, don't know). But this is only up/down. I haven't even noticed any left/right thing going on.
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    i have a problem with SMAA:

    When i activate it,the game starts stuttering ... any tips ?

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    Please have a look at this:
    Are you still planning to introduce the Object View distance Slider, or make it a cfg entry, someday to prevent situations like this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prodavec View Post
    is not the same as setObjectViewDistance or setShadowViewDistance

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    I have that already, but I am not sure if it isn´t outdated and it would be nice to have this from BIS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonci87 View Post
    I have that already, but I am not sure if it isn´t outdated and it would be nice to have this from BIS
    Thats for sure Tonci.

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