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Thread: What languages do you know or want to know.

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    At last time i learning some Latin phrases. Of course, usually this language learning medicine students ( because their patients must got accustomed to "dead" language ), and i'm not from their "alma mater", but just this very useful for memory training. Besides, it's very useful, when you want to add some pathos

    lingua latina non verpa canina est

    cause Russian, Polish have a lot of words from German language ,
    Not only. The history of nation have an influence. For example, Russia took his religion from East Roman Empire, was under Mongolian feet 250 ears, that's why lot of russian words was taken from greek (like "krovaty, "vor") and mongolian ("saray","bazar") languages. The long wars and trading with Turkey gived their words too.
    At the all, the russian alphabet - the greek alphabet with addons .
    With Slavic nations one of the most funny story at the world - the common language base, but very hard division by culture and religion, because we live on civilization's boards. And all wanted to build their "common" empire with different degree of activity (with their nation lead, of course). That's why we fighting with Poland third century, but taking the Berlin together

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    Yes the slavics origins are quite funny. I did some research on this and read some books. It seems that the croatian people have their origin in the region today known as poland. There was a croatian empire until many of the people decided to search for a better place. They found the most beautifull place of earth where croatia is today and formed a Kingdom there. At this time there were two croatian kingdoms, the white croatian kingdom in the polish region and the red kingdom where croatia is today. the white kingdom crumbeld and the people mixed with germans and slavs from the Don region. That explains why the polish and the croatian languages have so much in common. The russian language seem to be based on this old croatian language too but people aren´t sure about that.
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    i wonder if we had such indo-european language thousands years ago, does it mean that Hindu (people of India) are our far far far cousins ?
    i read some time ago article proving that indo-european language gave etymology to both Hindu and European languages

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    This image show the 'heart' of Indo-Euro thing, this isnt exact location. Some say Black Sea region, some say today Iran, nevertheless the cradle is situated somewhere between Black Sea and modern day Iran. By the way the Hindus culture is much older then ours.

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    You know, I've been thinking - I've been playing so many games that involve shooting (evil commie) Russkies for so long that I could probably command a tank with the line snippets I learned from Arma.
    On the other hand, three years of German lessons and I still don't understand people. Something wrong with that
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    I know Portuguese (native), English, Castellano (Spanish) and a bit of French.
    Already had classes in Modern Arabic and German, but can't remember a thing.

    I am in the process of learning Suomi, thanks to years of playing FDF and probably most of my e-friends being Finnish. Also, it is quite a challenge as there are very few languages alike.

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    Fluent in Dutch, German and English and due to the similarities between Germanic languages I can understand some Nordic languages as long as the sentences are simple.
    I can find my way in French and Spanish. And I'm eager to learn Russian and Turkish, so far I can do simple things like counting, greeting and swearing.

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