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Thread: What else can I do to make ARMA 2 OA run smoothly?

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    What else can I do to make ARMA 2 OA run smoothly?

    8 core 3.6 ghz
    8 gig ram
    gtx 450 1 gb

    I figured my computer could handle this game quite well. One thing I have noticed that even if I drop the video settings the from low or high I only lose like 2-5 fps. But that doesnt matter when I get only 15-30 fps. What is causing my pc to not run this game correctly? I already use these tweaks:

    running as an administrator (I turned this off from CP)
    nosplash -cpucount=8 -exThreads=7
    Post-processing to Low
    rendered frames ahead
    Game process priority - Set it on High
    Closed open background windows
    Updated latest drivers

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    My old GTX285 had the same framerate @1920x1200pix so i just swapped it for a GTX580 and all is better now. How many "rendered frames ahead" you have? This seems to make quite the differance when it comes to performance im using 1 or maybe try 3 and 5. Also try the "performance mode and single display prio mode" in the NV driver config.

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    Try these settings and let us know how you get on

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    There are many stickies with info about this which you can also use to ask this question:

    - ArmA2 / OA (low) performance issues
    - Operation Arrowhead performance optimizations/comparisons
    - ArmaHolic ArmA 2 Optimization
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