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Thread: Congratulations!

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    Hi, I'm a brand new member here, just picked up ToH and the Hind prepay pack, I have to say BI have done a fantastic job!

    If you see my youtube channel, you'll see I'm mainly into X-Plane, but hell, I'm always open to new good sims, and this is pretty darned good!

    I bagged the ToH Community preview for its flight model, but the latest version is excellent, challenging but not ridiculously slow (but I ain't tried it in windy settings yet).

    The daytime Seattle is superb, those building reflections! Great fps too with my 560 OC Ti. One criticism I have is the night look, pretty bland and lacklustre compared to xp10 (check out my Seattle CBD scenery and night/fog demo for 10), but as ever I'm sure things will improve.

    Can't wait for the Hind addon, and I'll join the queue if you make any more scenery addons!

    I'm already playing with the cool editor, even with a dozen helis flying around the frames are great!


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    Wow - that scenery in XP10 - where did you get it from? I got XP10 a while ago but haven't really used it. A friend of mine bought me a day's training in 737 simulator for Xmas, so I was going to load it up again and have a practice before I go!
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    My first post here.

    I totally agree! I'm really enjoying TOH at the moment. It's rekindled my interest in helis.Ive taken rides in the back of choppers in the USA and Europe, black hawks, wessex, chinook, puma, gazelle, lynx etc but have never flown one. The local airfield has a helicopter school and I might book a trial flight or two, was looking at auto gyros the other day and trial flights are much cheaper.
    But like I say I agree with the OP great sim really enjoying it, and will see how the hinds go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarden View Post
    thanks, btw. that night scenery from XP is really breathtaking
    Tx. For those that ask, just search for 'Plausible CBD' over at the xp org site. I built over 50 buildings then placed them accurately-ish, then had fun lighting them for night!

    But wowsers, as a scenery nut I spilt my load when I saw the ToH versions with their reflections!

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    Looks cool, The thing that impressed me was the traffic flow! i guess its a completely different setup from Arma...

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