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Thread: Getters and Density

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    Getters and Density

    Seriously though, I was just checking the new commands page in the biki for some getters but I couldn't find the getters for CustomWeightRTD, EngineRPMRTD, BrakesRTD and some others.

    May we please have those getters? Maybe it can be tied into the process of making the bridge for java?
    Some getters like targetRPM and actualRPM could be very handy too!

    Also, and I realise this might be more to ask, may we get direct control over the AirDensity variable? I realise it's tied to the weather, daytime and season, but thinking along the lines of Ruebe's weather simulation, this could come in handy.

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    weightRTD returns an Array [helicopter empty weight, crew, fuel, custom, sling load]


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    Sorry missed them because they were not in the BIKI. And my Java enterprise wiring couldn't think of getters without "get" and different naming than the setter.
    I hate it when that happens

    Thanks a lot for pointing those out!

    How about rotorRPMTD?

    Anything on the density?

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