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Thread: AI accuracy question

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    What does "enemy skill" affect? The AI's detection ability, accuracy, how aggressive they are, ect.?

    I downloaded JED_ESS_V0.1 though I have not installed it. I want to try and fix this without mods before tearing apart my install.

    Also, does editing the Arma2OAProfile affect an ACE install at all?

    So far no success at reducing AI accuracy at all. At a distance were they are barely visible an AI soldier can shoot and hit me off hand before I even have control of my player.
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    The skillenemy value will effect all aspects of the enemies skills. This is further modified by a config cfgAISkill which modifies each individual aspect of the skill (aimingaccuracy, aimgspeed etc).

    Unfortunately just playing with this value is not going to allow you to fine tune one or two aspects of the enemies skills. If you turn down skillenemy too much they become too dumb and it becomes a chicken shoot.

    The ideal situation is that the enemy is still relatively intelligent yet is not a sharp shooter with an AK47. If you read the thread I linked regarding precision enemy, you will see many people are having this problem. Unfortunately, until BI 'fix' precision enemy, then you will need to resort to addons, or editing your missions to set the skills arrays manually.

    It's the whole reason I wrote the skills slider mod. It was originally made just for me while I was investigating how the skills array affected the enemy, but then I decided to release it. Check out this post with a video I made during it's development and you will see how the various skills values affect the enemy.

    EDIT ---> Regarding ACE, changing the skillenemy will still have an effect as I don't think they re-wrote the whole AI subsystem. They may have made changes to some aspects of enemy AI though - in ACE, the enemy do always seema bit tougher - but that may just be because there are a lot of realism aspects that make the player more suseptable to injury!! My sliders affect the enemy in the same way in ACE or Vanilla so I suspect they haven't changed too much with regard to AI core skills.
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    I am going to give your mod a try as it seems like the best possible solution. Is there a way I can make a default setting so that it is automatically applied to every mission, or do I have to manually set the sliders each time I load/restart a mission? From what I understand, the JED_CONFIG would be a default accuracy/skill set?

    And forgive me for not seeing it in the readme PDF, but how do I open the menu in game?

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    You can access the dialogue by selecting it from the actions menu (just scroll your mouse wheel).

    The next version will be out in a few days which includes a map and also sets the skills so that any new units which spawn take on the last values set. I am just in the process of testing it now.

    You don't really need the JED_CONFIG unless you are specifically looking to have a 1:1 correlation of skills. Adding JED_CONFIG will make the enemies much smarter, but you can of course then turn them down with the sliders.

    At the moment there is no way to make a default setting - I am not sure there ever will be to be honest as every mission is different and you may wish to use different values each time. Maybe in the third release I will think of a sensible way of implementing it.

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    If you can find a way to implement it I would appreciate it (maybe give an option?).

    So far I tried the current version and the results were good. I now have enough time to spot where enemy fire is, and scored a few kills while being killed myself a few times. Firefights actually last more than 15 seconds again!

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    This move BIS made to take away the "precision" as a separate end-user adjustment is really a step back.

    All they needed to do in order to make things more user friendly and easily found/seen by all players would have been to simply add an "aiming precision" slider alongside the already existing "skill" slider in the difficulty menu. I could never understand why after all these years they never did this. For this game it is the best way to insure both ease of use AND a true customizable experience for all end user tastes and so simple to do.

    But, instead they spend months of work trying to perfectly tweak the AI (which cant be done anyway to perfection) using beta testers who are too experienced and too highly skilled to offer what would interest mainstream and new players in the first place. If BIS wants to please both new users and experienced or very highly skilled players alike then they simply need to make the AI skill level MORE customizable but EASIER to find and use (by simply placing the sliders in the menus).

    Also, rename the 2 menu sliders to something like: "AI Tactics & Aggression Skill" and "AI Aiming Precision Skill". There....done...simple...and it'll work for everyone. Geez, why do they make simple things so difficult?

    As it stands right now, after testing a bunch of my favorite missions in 1.60 (some self made and others downloaded) all i have to say is that Coop play against AI is now a broken, frustrating experience for me. In all these years I have seen patch after patch being released and with each new patch released it was always my personal opinion that the AI was apparently getting worse and worse (more and more god-like as far as I was concerned) instead of gradually improving or becoming more scalable/adjustable.

    I either have to completely uninstall the game and try to go back to 1.59 OR just completely stop playing now, wow.

    Arma 3?, after 11 years im thinking maybe not...im getting too old and too tired of the waiting, constant fixing and adjusting of missions and new ever increasingly bad aimbots, heh.
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