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Thread: (sp) The Garden of Death (pt1) mission/mod thread.

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    (sp) The Garden of Death (pt1) mission/mod thread.

    The Garden of Death

    A mission/mod for operation flashpoint resistance v 9.96

    In the near future Nato launches a massive military operation against Iran triggering a global war.
    In response a renewed Russia sends troops across the caspian sea to aid its ally and protect its energy interests.

    Mission information.
    Taking place in a mountainous region of Iran (represented by afghan everon) the player takes command of an elite commando unit of special air service and special forces support group.


    Dozens of modified units
    Epic battles.
    Intense atmosphere and action.
    Intro and outro cutscenes.
    Player controlled heli insertion/extraction.
    Custom sound effects and music.

    And more...

    You will need the mission file and addon folder both directly below!

    Mod folder

    The mission

    And check out this preview video its part of the outro movie for the mission.

    Screenshots here.

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    Sorry been away for the week more updates soon.

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    Added 4 more screens to the blog, I'm gonna push to get this finished over weekend because Ive spent f all time on ofp recently

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    Wow man, it's so cool. I want to play, and I'll post anything about my campaign.

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    Having it all as one mission is causing me problems so I'm breaking it down into 4 or 5 smaller ones, first of which will be ready as soon as Ive completed intro/outro and breifing.

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    I gave a look at your screenshots. Well, judging from them I don't know how good mission will mission be (pics don't show the action, you know ), but your units look great! Do you plan to put them into something like replacement mod? With UK at West, Iran at East and Russians as Independent? That'd be really great, and we'd have Arma 3 before real game comes out! And it'd come already with campaign made from your split mission. I think that you should at least analyze the possibilities of such solution...
    Anyway good job, and good luck with it!

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    The garden of death part one will be released tommorow

    Ive have already began creating a replacement pack while it will feature a couple of missions set in Iran/middle east the replacment side will concentrate on the european front.

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    Part one ready for download you will need the mission and the mod folder

    Please let me know if you have any problems.

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    I really liked Your previous mission on Jan Cepera ofp competition. Dl'ading. Thank You

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