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Thread: Player commander in helico

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    Player commander in helico


    how would it be possible in a helicopter (AH-64D), I would like as the shooter, able to control the driver (for altitude, travel, ...) as with a tank.

    it's just for a mission as a gunner managing radar and fire.

    I tried with: commanding=1; hascommander=true; but it does not work

    for now I use teamswitch (and so I take the control of the aircraft momentarily) and radio triggers with Heli flyinheight 5, 10, 20, etc. .. which is not too convenient and the AI ​​does not react immediately, but it must be done to move the altitude changes. For now I'm with, what is not so bad.
    I tried with scripts you can add a value to: flyinheight +1 or -1 but I'm not happened so far


    Sorry for my english ...
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