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Thread: Take On Helicopters Beta Patch 89299

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    You could try a running take off: make it light on the skids and push the cyclic slowly forward, slowly gain speed until ETL then take off

    Oh about that: trying a running take off is a little strange because the chopper would skid on the front part of the skid (you know the bent part). I'm not sure it's meant to do that, meaning there is something strange happening with the flight model. Maybe the center of mass is too far ahead, or the skids don't skid lightly enough?

    Just did a little googling for the AH-6:
    Heres the weights I could come up with:
    Hydra Pod: ~15.97 Kg
    M134: 29.98 Kg
    FFAR Rocket: 6.2 Kg
    762 NATO round: ~10.5g

    As for the mount: I have no idea. I just guessed it to 30 Kg.

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    Something I just noticed: Cars glow (not only headlights, the entire car) when you use nightvision goggles. I don't really care if that can or will be fixed. Just wanted to let you know.

    See this video:

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