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Thread: Combining GreenManGaming ArmA2 and Normal OA

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    Combining GreenManGaming ArmA2 and Normal OA

    I have just recently bought Operation Arrowhead and saw that you can combine it into Combined Operations. The articles that I read state that OA look for Steam or Normal ArmA2 however I don't know if it will find the GreenManGaming's copy of the game which is found in Program Files/CapsuleGames.
    Does anyone know if this will be an issue? Operation Arrowhead is still downloading so I can't test it for myself.
    Thanks in advance,

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    As long as you start both of them they should register fine and launchers like Six Updater should be able to find them wherever they are.

    If not simple run A2 as a mod for OA:

    "C:\Program Files\Steam\...\arma2oa.exe" "-mod=C:\Program Files\CapsuleGames\ArmA2;Expansion;ca;@cba" -nosplash
    The green part being the path to wherever you have A2 installed.

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    Oh, okay thanks!
    I'll just use Six Updater to launch it, seems the most hassle free way.
    Thanks again.

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