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View Poll Results: Would you like to see manual cycling and/or cocking of the weapons?

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    11 16.92%
  • Yes, but as a difficulty option

    15 23.08%
  • No, it's a bad idea

    35 53.85%
  • Restrict it to manually operated weapons

    5 7.69%
  • Restrict it to semiautomatic weapons

    0 0%
  • Restrict it to stealthy weapons

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  • Other option (please elaborate)

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Thread: More gun simulation? interaction

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    More gun simulation? interaction

    well alot of time when playing coop is spent as INF, yeah?
    When I'm new in a bigger community alot of time will be spent as infantry usually. When I play with close friends we do SF stuff on foot mostly.

    Anyway I was thinking about more interaction with the guns, like gun malefunctions, different reloads, rackin'.

    In the popular(read mandatory) mod ACE your gun can jam but its just text telling you and you click fix jam and you're done.

    You know how some games lets you manually cock your shotgun or pull the bolt, I love that feeling and I want more of it.

    What I tought would be cool is a dynamic and ofcourse animated system.
    Making the guns more interactive, not just aiming and shooting.
    kind of like in magicka where after a while you learn combinations for certain spells and you do them faster and faster... if you had controls to do various things with your gun, you would get efficient with it.

    These are just examples of how it could be control wise, Im sure u could have more or less steps aswell, gotta have a balance where its not too much tho.

    G release magazine.
    R (hold or Press) grip/release magazine / holster grab new magazine
    F lock bolt or whats it called lul
    T Cock/rack the gun. (could perhaps have mouse movments too, T to grab etc)
    Scroll down/move mouse to move magazine between in the gun/pulled out/holsterd in your vest.
    Space (toggle or hold) inspect gun with mouse movment, similar to alt looking.
    (so that you can hold space and turn the mouse and see if you have a double feed or wtf is up)

    Notice that I give multiply button suggestions for actions, its hard to know what would work good without testing, hopefully you'll get the idea tho.

    Ok so a tactical reload would look something like
    R (grab your mag)
    G (release the mag)
    Pull/scroll (mag out)
    Pull/scroll (move mag/hand down)
    F/R (holster the mag, perhaps that would be R's function in this position)
    F/R (Grab a new magazine, perhaps that would be R's function in this position)
    Up/scroll (bring new mag up)
    Up/scroll (push the new mag in)
    R (release your grip of the mag)

    a speed reload you could just drop the mag by releasing and grabbing a new mag.
    Ok so now malefunctions become more intressting aswell.
    You might have to lock the bolt back pulling your mag out etc.
    rack a few times w/e. different malefunctions and it can be % random how hard your gun lock up.

    Ofcourse it could all be toggable with game difficulty or a separate option if you dont want to do things manually.

    you might have to strip it down..
    At the very least I want the option for manual bolt action.

    What do you people think of the general idea? more manual things. interaction. (dont get locked up on my specific controls or suggestions)

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    I think just an additional key for racking your weapon would suffice to simulate immedieate action. If that doesn't clear the jam, just use the standard reload button which would clear the jam, with an appropriate time delay, and simulate remedial action. The multi-key setup your suggesting sounds over complicated and swings past practical and too much into the realm of ultra-realism.

    I understand that you're tying to translate how effective you are at playing the game is how well your "avatar" performs actions in game. This would in turn force people to practice/train at weapons handling to be efficient in game. Interesting idea, but I for one would turn the option off via settings if it were included.

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    Hmm, if you could figure out a good way to have multiple types of malfunctions and ways to clear - with an individuals input added to that to clear X jam without key tapping 100 keys then that would be awesome. Until then I don't agree with your post, even though a good statement... too many keys for my liking but that's my personal opinion.

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    QTE is a bad idea. I don't want silly combos for simple reloading in ArmA.

    If you want guns to behave more realistically (with jamming and overheating) you can install ACE mod right now and vote for this ticket for ArmA3:

    ArmA2: "Doc, I'm wounded, I can barely aim and I'm bleeding badly, come on pull my body out of the harm's way and treat me before I die!"
    ArmA3: "You are wounded! Click to instantly regenerate health whenever you feel like it!"

    Guess two years post-release aren't enough to make ArmA3 at least half as dumbed down.

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    I agree. Been to the firing range to test out 12+ weapons (pistols, rifles) and its a damn shame a regular arma bloke doesn't know how to reload a mag on M4.
    More focus is needed on the realism of guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by metalcraze View Post
    QTE is a bad idea. I don't want silly combos for simple reloading in ArmA.

    I dont want to have to play a damn minigame every time I want to shoot someone. Its not really the point of the series...
    Quote Originally Posted by ***LeGeNDK1LLER*** View Post
    well you are 1 of the greatest examples that pressing the reply button doesn't mean necessarily answering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DM View Post

    I dont want to have to play a damn minigame every time I want to shoot someone. Its not really the point of the series...
    This also. We do need stoppages and overheating barrels, for their tactical implications, not just to give the player another set of keys to learn. The OP's suggestion is definitely in mod territory.
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    I dont like the idea of that PRESS G TO REMOVE MAG!! PRESS R TO GRIP MAG!! PRESS SCROLL TO TAP MAG!! or anything in those lines... Press R reload wait for 2 seconds and your done, basically what I want is a better reloading animation not these silly combos, what are you playing Tekken? This is arma son!

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    The only addition I'd want in weapon handling would be pressing the fire button to operate the bolt in bolt rifles and cock non-automatic shotguns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celery View Post
    The only addition I'd want in weapon handling would be pressing the fire button to operate the bolt in bolt rifles and cock non-automatic shotguns.
    That would suffice for most of us anyhow. RO2 manual bolting works really well.

    Anyhow, what i would like to see besides improved all reload animations and cocking the weapon, would be stuff like differentiate between quick reloads and dry reloads, proper anims for the leaf sights and so forth, that have been missing for a long time, and, just like with multiple source lights, should be in a 2012 game...

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