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Thread: Take On: Hinds!

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    Multiplayer learning to play with players that already know how things work.

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    To get to together in a voice tool like Teamspeak or to use ingame voice.
    Join a multiplayer session, do co pilot or crew and learn from others how it works.

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    well... my "multiplayer" shows 3-4 servers empty of players, just one host or editing.... I'm lost again...

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    It needs to be coordinated of course. I'd be willing to help you but it would be cool to get some more players to join and I don't have much time to play atm so no promises here. I already played too much this weekend - I'm behind with important stuff xD Hinds are addictive

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    Finally, I'm just out of the race. This "Hinds" is a total mistery for me and it is nowhere explained how to play. I can control the helicopter, but I have no clue about how to destroy tanks, vehicles, whatever... my guns and gunner are useless, refueling and rearming work when they want, the enemies appear and destroy even my base without seing them on radar; even when I take old savings to replay, it happens sometimes that new enemies came and shoot me even if they were not there when I saved... like some random evolution of the game was loaded. I don't understand eigther multiplayer: a few empty servers, I can not even access all of them.
    I quit challenges and "Hinds". Forget about money, the point is that it's just wasted time for me.

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    Ehhhm... you give up quickly, do you?
    I'm sorry you feel like you wasted time. Maybe you should take a break, relax and find someone who has time to help.
    I explained in detail how you order your gunner to shoot things. If you didn't understand, just ask! A multiplayer training seesion needs to be coordinated. Don't expect to get help on a random server even though you might get lucky. I admit that it can get frustrating for new players but if you have a little patience and ask around I'm sure you will find help.
    As I said before I'd be willing to help out but I need to find some time. It's not going to be this weekend anymore. Maybe you can find someone quickly but this is a very small community.

    Best regards

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    @Gabriel: I've got a video of a Base Assault challenge upcoming. Maybe it helps with your problems. You can target static defenses with missiles btw - don't know why it didn't work before. Maybe because it was an other Hind version...

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    Maybe that some of us is a beginner with BIS games.
    For example I never played with ARMA and just purchase TOH to fly helicopters. I bought HIND but i really don't use it. I don't know how to instruct my CPG to fire weapons etc...

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    Of course. That's why a multiplayer trainingsession was suggested.
    Video is up with detailed description on how to assign targets for your gunner:

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    Not directly an ingame video:

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