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Thread: Take On: Hinds!

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    Quick question will the DLC's work like the arma dlc's. I.e. where everyone starts with low detail textures but if they buy the dlc they get the full rez ones?
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    Doubt it, afterall the DLC for A2 could be considered 'just more units' with a few patch fixes whereas this would be transforming adding a whole new system and game type to TKOH.

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    Here is the problem though: while civil airframe is good without all the fancy avionics, without a proper avionic simulation, I don't think this good enough for a combat airframe
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    I want to ask a question: Will twin-engine helicopter show its advantage over single engine one? For example, can the game express the effect that the twin-engine helicopter can still fly for a while when one of its engines is damaged?

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    I'm excited. Definately getting this!

    @msy: You can fly the med and heavy heli with only one engine running so I assume yes (you can't really lift anything though).

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    For a price that is 171% of those for the A2OA DLCs, a SP campaign would be nice...

    How many SP Challenges will be included?

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    That sounds great!

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    I am going to be very brave and say i think its to early for myself ,i still have at least 6 months out of the TOH to play.
    however i do hope it brings more players to the Genre and this helps with Feedback for small bugs left in the Actual Engine.
    I think it would be wise to have got Java out the door first then feedabck can be contained to one Game + Java , because now we can have
    TOH = some bugs ( maybe flight model only )
    ToH + FXAA =low fps
    TOH + FXAA + PPAA = Low Fps

    but soon we have :

    TOH + java = BUG
    TOH + TohHind+Java = Bug
    TohHind +java = Bug
    ToH + FXAA =low fps
    TOH + FXAA + PPAA = Low Fps
    ToHind + FXAA =low fps
    TOHind + FXAA + PPAA = Low Fps

    etc etc , seems like a nightmare for such small community at this time ,better to make sure 99.9% ok TOH before allowing it to mate with Military enhancement ?

    or am i missing something as usual

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    Why should FXAA or SMAA lead to low fps? It should be quite the opposite because its shader tech, right?
    I think you got the wrong idea there. People's benchmarks also indicate opposite to your statement.

    How should Java make the game buggy? It is not like it will affect existing content or the game.

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    hmm dont know what to say , in some way your reply really re-iterates my point .

    i really think there is language barrier in place or something to be honest i cant make any sense of your reply sorry.

    to me you are saying that messing with shaders does not affect FPS and that when someone reports a bug they should not explain what set up they are playing with .
    however i am saying they can create low fps and Bugs will appear its inevitable because some are already present ,my fear is why not iron them out with single Game relaease TOH then move on to expansions ?

    to expain more clearly i said

    TOH + java = BUG

    this means someone found a bug when playing with this set up , not that java is the bug

    you said

    How should Java make the game buggy?
    clearly its mistake of interpretation of post i think

    Why should FXAA or SMAA lead to low fps? It should be quite the opposite because its shader tech, right?
    absolutely not , i lose 1/3rd FPS with wrong settings with these , where are these LOWER fps stats ?

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