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Thread: Take On - Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

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    Take On - Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

    Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

    for Take on Helicopters.

    ArmA thread for more info on mission itself:

    Zombies for a helicopter game....

    I can't get over it, lol.

    Remember this? :

    Well, I guess this is the unofficial version...

    I've ported the basic functionality of Dynamic Zombie Sandbox into Take on Helicopters.

    You spawn into the center of the city, and the zombies start coming, defend!

    There are only 3 weapons in the game AFAIK, and you have access to them!




    Install in the MP Missions folder.

    Dynamic Zombie Sandbox - Take on Helicopters .90

    For everyone who doesn't have ArmA, and wants a taste of it, with zombies, I guess this is for you!

    I really enjoy playing it in downtown, so I put the spawn there. You can set the spawn position to "Everyone together" And you will spawn at the Larkin Aviation heliport.

    NOTE: I have noticed the addon method for missions, and I will probably eventually convert this to that.
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    Have you tried to solve the mystery of how to make the AI run when they're close to any given object?

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    Hi nice to have missions like this but NO Helis? Why not? Is it not possible to attack them with it?
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