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Thread: ACRE sterio mixing

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    ACRE sterio mixing

    [13:22:4.205] * [1] Engine startup in progress...
    [13:22:4.266] Opening game pipe...
    [13:22:4.766] Game pipe opening successful. [00000ae8]
    [13:22:4.767] * Startup completed
    [13:22:4.913] Non-Stereo sound detected, initializing custom mixing...
    [13:22:8.999] Client connected
    [13:22:8.999] Client disconnected
    windows x32 bit
    yes, ran as admin, yes reinstalled acre, and teamspeak, yes reinstalled all mods, yes tried initializing acre before and in game, yes tried re-installing my whole game
    Every post with this question was un-answered...

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    There is a thread for ACRE, please use it.

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    Thank you.

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