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Thread: 61st Airborne Recruiting

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    61st Airborne Recruiting

    How to join- Create New Player:
    Name: First Initial.Last Name ex G.Hamilton
    No glasses
    Squad URL: [61st]
    Requirments: Arma II, Arma II Operations Arrowhead, BAF.
    Ages: 12-100

    Training on Saturday will post the time once enough members join. After you are qualified for service I will send you a PM with out skype info.

    Also looking for experienced Pilots and Mission Editors

    Post below with:

    Ingame Name:

    Islands: (Mana) (Ilsa Duala)
    Units: (FSF African Infantry)
    This is needed to download almost all mods for arma: (CBA)
    Need for the tropical Islands: (African Foliage) (Tropica)

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    WE are still recruiting

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    If you would like to join.

    Add out skype.


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