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Thread: Valentines day Steam sale?

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    Valentines day Steam sale?

    Hey BI, you should have a Valentines Day sale on Steam!

    You could use the tagline "Love is in the air" and stress the co-op multiplayer, then sell it for 50% off so that couples can buy it and play it together.

    You could very easily modify the TOH logo for the event by simply making the lower (heart-shaped) section red, perhaps with an arrow through it.

    After all, you STILL haven't gone on sale via Steam, not even through the holidays where virtually everything ever made was sold at a discount. I bet there's many, many customers that are waiting for a sale day, like I am. Can I get a show of hands?

    Feel free to use my idea, but make sure to send me two copies of TOH through Steam if you do!

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    Hah! Some interesting ideas, which we've passed onto Sales and Marketing. Can't promise anything, but if it happens ... we'll endeavor to use your concept
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