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Thread: Youtube "Matched third party content."

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    Unhappy Youtube "Matched third party content."

    (I'm not sure where this thread should go, so I put it here as I believe the answer will apply equally to all BI games.)

    I uploaded a video which is purely Arma 2 OA footage recorded from fraps uploaded to Youtube, so NO music or anything else (i wasn't interested in making a fancy video).

    Then It got flagged as having third party content:
    "Your video, Tank practice Part 1 , may include content that is owned or administered by this entity:
    Entity: Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society Content Type: Musical Composition"

    Here is the video:
    I uploaded the second shorter part which is identical in nature except for it being much shorter and no copyright claim was made against it:

    I would like to know if BI feels I am violating any copyright agreement and whether or not I have permission to upload that video.

    I suspect this maybe an error on the part of Content ID, but I'm posting here to make sure, since "submitting an invalid dispute could result in penalties against your account.".
    Another possible cause is someone playing copyrighted music in the background when they where talking on TS. I'll have to carefully go through the entire 1 hour video to make sure.
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    I double checked it and sent a dispute using the first option, saying they misidentified the content, and I haven't been punished so far, so it seems to be fine.

    I also looked through the EULA for A2 OA and I didn't see any mention of videos, although I didn't double check. It would be nice to know BI's policy toward game content recorded originally (not a BI trailer) as video media and published online.
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    You can of course film your gaming sessions and publish them on your favourite video sites.

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    I have also got those with my racing simulation videos. Seems like the today´s music is getting identical with motor noise.

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    It's just people abusing that ability. Half the time it's almost as if they don't even look at the video before claiming it's got something of theirs in it. It's just plain old BS, and that's about it. You can find stories like yours all over the damn place. With those, all the ads, and now 15 minute long Ron Paul ads that seem to pop up in front of every damn video (even ones less than 60 seconds), youtube is quickly becoming overrated.
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    This video supposedly matched and was flagged as a "performance" by that same BS flagging system. Nothing justifies piracy more than the way these greedy corporations are trying to fight piracy by punishing legitimate customers with draconian DRM, never paying the actual artists anything and trying to censor the entire Internet with their incessant and nonsensical takedown notices..

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