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Thread: Harrier GR9

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    Quote Originally Posted by RKSL-Rock View Post
    Its normal mate. Its just the way we had to do the weapons to ensure they could be swapped on the Typhoon and other RKSL Stuff (The GLT/FRL Pack would have the same issue). The AV8B model hasn't been modified to accept them properly.
    Ahh I see. Thanks for the clearing up

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    Love the VTOL performance, much better than the BI. Can I ask you to make a minor cosmetic improvement to your model? I would like to see the wheels spin on the gear. BI model doesnt have spinning wheels for some reason. I guess they figured its a hovering jet and all, but I think if you choose to taxi to run way it would be goot to see the wheel on the gear spin.

    Ya that would make my day

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    Thanks for all the Mirrors guys should be starting some new projects soon, as well as a V2 for the harrier although, not official as of yet.
    Thanks Private Jones,

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    is the plane able to do vertical takeoff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pressytcn View Post
    is the plane able to do vertical takeoff?
    Yep. You can even hold it hovering.

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    nice i been missing that function with the harrier

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    AI VSTOL Script?

    Quote Originally Posted by Evil_Brownie View Post
    Yep. You can even hold it hovering.
    Just a quik question, I'ved looked on a couple of sites but have yet to find a VSTOL/STOVOL script. Anyone know where I might find one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genpatton043 View Post
    Just a quik question, I'ved looked on a couple of sites but have yet to find a VSTOL/STOVOL script. Anyone know where I might find one?
    you do it by himself, using SetPot and SetVelocity things.
    like i did in OFP:R times for Su-25 crCTI fork ;-)
    sadly i nearly completely forgot even syntax :[ just recently found trying make simple mod for SP].

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    First of all. Great work on the add-on. Currently I am working on a re-skin of the BIS Harrier AV-8B. It's kind of redoing the work, but I hope you will like it nonetheless. I have requested the permission to the use of this add-on as a basis for employing my skins. For the addon, I would also like to know what kind of loadouts are possible with the RKSL pack? Can I make a loadout with two sidewinders, two GBUs and two Wingtanks? Can we add a lantirn on the bottom?
    Some sneak previews will follow shortly. In sum, I have made four versions. I have named them Harrier GR.X (ten) as the model is not really resembling the GR.9; the skins are as follows: GR.X No.3Sqn - 90's NATO green version. GR.X No.3Sqn - 00's Operational Grey version. GR.X No.3Sqn - 10's final flight tail paint version. GR.X No.1Sqn - 10's final flight heritage grey/green camouflage version.

    I hope you guys can help me out.


    As promised: a sneak-preview of the Harrier in operational grey and heritage grey/green:

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    NOTE: I know this is digging up old threads, but consider this a renewed topic on my work.

    Apparently, the author of this modification has not been on-line for about a year. I need help of someone in the community to compile my textures into a finished add-on.
    My preference would be working with the already set-up version by WingsOfDeath, but that might be hard in implementing multiple skins.
    Is some-one willing an able to help me out with this mod, so that others can enjoy my work on this project? It should be a matter of minutes/not hours to come up with the solution..


    J. "Trigger" Kazimierz
    6th Airborne Division
    ArmA 2 Realism Unit

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