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Thread: VTE mod 0.4

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    VTE mod 0.4

    Hi guys I've downloaded Vietnam the experience mod v 0.4 but I can't running, I've also downloaded all necessary addons for it, but when I try to play the campaigns, I can't. Also I tried to make missions, and when I put a soldier or any vehicle from this mod, I get a message saying: 'object magic'

    Please help me

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    Hello Aldo15, Are you playing the mod with the game or have you changed your target line so the game launches VTE straight away, for example when the game comes up dose it bring the VTE back ground up?

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    It's obvious you're missing something.

    Make sure you have the two folders:

    And you have the proper shortcut:
    "E:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\FLASHPOINTRE SISTANCE.EXE" -nomap -nosplash -mod=x_vte_v0.4;x_vte_common

    And of course the extra addons:
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