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Thread: [WIP] Mitilini Island + Greek units

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    Oh my GOD I cant believe I would see a greek island and greek units in Arma 2.
    So you worked with this project in total silence and now it seems we could be one month away or at least not far away. Can you give an estimated release time?

    THank you ( efxaristo poly ) in greek
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    Nikiforos ... I believe that in less than a month this package will be ready for release ...

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    Varied grass please incl. the high one. What you have now looks dull. I know the reasoning but grass should be an obstacle much like a fence or tree leaves and it will look nice too.
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    Guess two years post-release aren't enough to make ArmA3 at least half as dumbed down.

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    this island looks really great!!!

    greek island before arma 3: oh yeah!!!

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    *grass lemnos* *please*oh please*oh please*

    Seriously, though, grass like Lemnos, or like Capraia, would be awesome.

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    Please watch out, as the residents of the island may complain about you creating it as a threat to their security.

    Just kidding. The naval base is my favourite, although the custom buildings also look pretty awesome. Keep it up.

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    I will not be taking part in the contest, but I support it 100%! Great idea, BIS!

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    The airport looks like it can handle any aircraft currently in Armaverse with ease. Great job!
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    good job guys! keep it up!
    If it isn't big trouble for you give us a heads up on
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