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Thread: Battleye client kicking me from any game

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    Battleye client kicking me from any game

    I have Arma 2 and OA on steam, they both wont work on MP though. I am having problems with my Battleye client kicking me from any game. So I downloaded Arma F2P...I am still having problems...My version is 1.10 so won't let me play any games apart from that version. Plus my battleye isnt working here either! Grr. I have tried to download the version 1.11 patch however it gets 1% away from completetion and it crashes/doesnt do anything...I am on TS if someone could help talk me through it.

    Please help!
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    What do you prefer to solve?

    Your steam install or A2F? To me the first seems more useful.

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    My F2P for now I guess...the steam fix looks a nightmare...

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    Please be so kind to make descriptive topic titles when you start a new topic. "Help please" is not descriptive and having a forum filled with topics using titles like that makes not much sense does it?

    I have changed the title to reflect your problem.
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