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Thread: Multi-Session Operations v4.1 released

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    yo guys!

    As i announced before i ported Roy's excellent Patrol Ops 2.02 to an MSO Module.

    Imagine, you are deployed in the center of a long lasting dynamically generated SpecOp-campaign with endless tasks set in a fully dynamically generated civilian and hostile environment!
    So just add PO2 as an alternative enemy spawn- and tasksystem, that creates about 20 different mission-types depending on all those awesome defined map-locations and apply it to your own and different style of MSO playing! It's endless fun, believe me! In fact, codeloading and filesystem of PO2 was heavily reduced to its perfectly done core task-spawning system. Other needs were already covered with the MSO idea, so there are no ranking systems, no arty or other blingbling to have it run stable and perfectly compatible with MSO!

    I am sure that - especially in combination with upcoming Tup's IEDs - it really adds interesting kinds of playstyle options (even selectable in mission parameters) from island reconstruction or seek and rescue operations and even to domination style missions (if you are really need it )! -> but most important, it doesn't take much servercapacity and it's lightweight.

    I will make it "call-in"-able at MHQ tomorrow so tasks can only be requested and confirmed at MHQ directly in-game!

    It's well tested (so i get no new mission-specific errors on server and client after at least of 10 hours, mentioned: not running WICT -> WICT is not designed for long lasting ops!)!
    So if it's ok for Roy (i'll ask myself after i got some sleep) i will pass it over to you guys for an offical MSO integration-evaluation (meanwhile its unoffical, and for sure all credits of PO2 go to Roy for OCB and his team).

    Since i have invested much work in it would you please have a look and tell me what yu think:

    gimme feed

    PS: I've made some last changes, tweaks and fixes to WICT and will be keep fixing stuff if someone requests but otherwise i leave it as it is for now since i think its fine as it is now.
    PPS: If you like ranking systems or wanna feel the full range of Patrol Ops stick to the original missions or to Blit's version if he is rolling it out!

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    Thanks mate. Will try this out ASAP. I'm all for anything that can give a sense of full war (and civ strife during that war). I do agree that the IED module on top will be superb.

    Rankings arent required in my eyes !

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    Nice Krem! Thx! i also got my testingserver up, if yu remember its name!

    in order to get some performance-testing i started up my dedicated yesterday evening and teleported all over the map to have loads of units spawned! I then played for about 4 hours and left at about 02:00 to go to bed. At this time there were 370 units spawned (count allunits) of about 75 groups (count allgroups) - server was still at 49 FPS at this time. When i joined in today at 11:00 again the server performance was still at 46 FPS after JIP and after some walking around and searching for caches it went up to 49 again with now 395 units and 81 groups. Also groups are still moving, no civi-chicken dance and CAS and all other features are working still. Also no major errors in client and server .rpt

    So i assume everythings cool with it

    PS: "I'm all for anything that can give a sense of full war" >>> yeah, yu know me - count me in

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    Quick question there a way i can make this SP so that i can save a game in progress and come back to it later? Everything ive tried so far hasnt allowed me the option to save. Its either i abort of respawn.

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    Highhead, I am not sure what Patrol Ops is doing? I get no side missions, all I see is normal activity for MSO?

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    Hmmmm that's odd mate. I get the missions. Sure you haven't commented the PatrolOps stuff out in that download ?

    I was trying to get PatrolOps working in my Battlezone port - but no dice so far !

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    well maybe I better try again! Not sure what I could have done but thanks for verifying that the missions are supposed to be there.

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    Turns out it wasn't the ace specator thing causing the ACRE issue. ACRE seems to cut off after every death and you have to DC and come back in. Think it's probably an ACRE issue, but could be something with the mission,.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackfox34 View Post
    Turns out it wasn't the ace specator thing causing the ACRE issue. ACRE seems to cut off after every death and you have to DC and come back in. Think it's probably an ACRE issue, but could be something with the mission,.
    Have you tried dropping and picking back up the radio ?

    We noticed that when you die the mission seems to not realize you have a radio dropping it and then picking it back up fixes that for me/us


    Its BL1P not blit

    Heres the mission Im working on for anyone interested (this does not contain TUP_IED as Thats not mine to release !!) but it does contain suicide bombers and Ieds and other stuff I have messed up

    O yer I forgot this will probably only work with ACE on as we only play with ace on i removed most if not all of the vanilla weapons from the rank scripts
    Last edited by BL1P; Feb 12 2012 at 06:22.

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    Having spent quite a bit of time chatting to ZK last night, I now have his BZ mission with 4.1 MSO integrated AND Reezos IED and detection running. It runs well, but I'm just working out the last bit of PO2 to add more action (while the war rages around you)

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