Alas and behold the handful of you that were having issues playing. If you were getting blotched graphics, dark gray boxes or the screen was black I found your issue and solution.

Problem: Sprocket, Atari whomever I'm assuming are one of the distributors has a bad install or something of the sorts, I was struggling with my Arma Gold I purchased from Sprocket for months, I just today fixed it.

The bad news however is that you will have to download an older version(not from Sprocket or Atari preferably) this may mean you have to ask a buddy or find shareware(I don't condone or recommend this, do it at your own risk) enter your LEGIT cd-key and then upgrade. I started off with 1.04 and worked my way up to 1.18, good luck and I hope(know) this will work for you as well.