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Thread: Reality Gaming [RG - Click to Join]

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    Exclamation Reality Gaming Realism Community [Mature, Tactical, Active]

    ENLIST NOW AT: - http://www.realitygamer.org

    Hello and Welcome fellow soldier !

    RG (Reality Gaming) is an international ARMA 2 Community made up of ex-forces and on-line professionals.

    We are an 18+ mature tactical community with decades of experience conducting large scale operations and campaigns. Our group has been playing the ARMA series since 2007 and have a structured mission building team whom create realistic senarios for our highly trained members.

    Upon reaching 30 active members - we have now moved to ACE/ACRE supported by our RG deployment pack. Our community uses military rank and allows you to qualify and earn specialist roles within your platoon. We use a highly edited customised version of Fort Benning (camp reality) for all our training and development alongside scheduled training every week.

    The Reality Gaming Network

    Unlike many other arma groups, we do not wear official emblems or insignias representing the active military or offer you letters from the president when you pass basic training. We have an enormous amount of respect for the armed forces and serving soldiers.

    We do however ensure your RG rank and RG qualifications are earned and that you are a trained as a functional on-line soldier.

    We are deployed to real world locations, have detailed background stories and role-play elements that will keep you and your buddies on your toes while you participate in our "Real World Operations." We have created fictional (real world) units that allow you to conduct global operations in a number of dynamic roles. Reality Gaming aims to put you in the middle of the action with the most realistic mods allowing you to get the most from your ARMA experience.

    Your journey starts at Fort Benning (Camp Reality)


    After the successful test deployment of Operation Wild Snake (a 4 part series in Lingor as US Rangers) we are once again opening our doors for recruitment. We are looking for dedicated mature members who feel like they can add something to our thriving community.

    We are currently recruiting:

    General Rifle Infantry
    2nd Rifle Platoon Team Leader and NCO's
    Army Air Corps squadron leader
    Army Air Corps Pilots (Fixed wing and rotor)
    Army Air Corps Crew
    Special forces Operations Group Leader

    You can visit our enlistment page by clicking here.

    If you are a member of another community or wish to discuss incorporating your squad into RG, Contact Andrews directly via PM.

    Players from around the world unite

    Our Community offers you:

    • The chance to chat with others on our Teamspeak (3) server.
    • Exchange game experiences on our forum.
    • Post new game video's within our own YouTube channel.
    • Play on our Servers and Participate in our public gaming events.
    • The experience and friendship developed over several years.

    Training and Deployments:

    We operate on a mainly GMT time zone.

    Wednesday @ 8PM GMT+1 (Fort benning training and qualifications)
    Sunday @ 6PM GMT+1 (Deployments and Organised missions)

    Reality Gaming also schedule custom mod nights. Vietnam, WW2, DAY-Z, Project Reality (we play them all). Check our forums for more details.

    We also feature our combat footage on our popular youtube channel here.

    Fort Benning has been built from the ground up by those who trained in the camp

    Our Ethos:

    Reality Gaming is an international mature tactical gaming and modding community for military enthusiasts. Our community is composed of former and current armed forces (world wide) alongside an experienced online team.

    Our community focuses on running large-scale competitive (pvp), roleplay (co-op) simulations and campaigns supported by consequent training sessions for tactical combined milsim operations.

    Reality Gaming also produces in house missions and mods to augment and enhance the simulation aspects of our gaming platforms. We have a solid media presence online, boasting several professionally made videos supported by hundreds of facebook, twitter and youtube fans.

    We are a group of gamers that have Families and/or full-time professional careers. We are flexible and understand our members circumstances.

    We excel in our training and development of new ARMA 2 players

    What to expect:

    Upon being accepted into our community you will handed our Handbook and placed on a 2 week trial. Following 2 weeks you will be either allocated a squad or placed into our reserve pool. Our community has a 1-3 chance of success.

    ARMA 2 Realism Unit (The Reality Network)

    Network: http://www.realitygamer.org/
    Gaming: http://gaming.realitygamer.org
    Blog: http://blog.realitygamer.org
    Forums: http://forums.realitygamer.org/
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oprealgaming

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    Head Admin of Reality Gaming
    Tactical ARMA 3 Milsim Community

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    Some ingame footage from Wildsnake and Fort Benning. MAY 2012

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    Wild Snake Mission 1

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    Wild Snake Mission 2

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    We have an invasion 1944 themed co-op weekend starting on Friday 9th March.

    All are welcome,

    Details below:


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    A preview of our Invasion 1044 night.

    Next week is VIETNAM! - Sign up now soldier for the best arma gaming experience. Zero Drama, Maximum Fun!

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    Mission Deployment Date annouced:

    We are always looking for new members. All nationalities are welcome at our international community.

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    Thanks to all who attended our Unsung Vietnam event last week. We have another event planned so feel free to come along:


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    Another combat video from our active ARMA division.

    We are in full deployment next Sunday, take the time to visit our site and find out if it is right for you.

    Our Army Air Corps (Air Wing) has just opened up. We are looking for experienced pilots.

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    Please note the following rules and guidelines for this forum:

    • Each squad will have one thread only.
    • Each thread can contain posts concerning your group or squad. This can be announcing new recruiting, announcing training or competitions or new server software or things like that.
    • If you have something new to add, edit your EXISTING thread.
    • No discussions are allowed in the thread, if you want to discuss things use your own forum or create a social group for it here.
    • The forum rules apply here as well, especially the 100 kb image rule. Posts or threads which contain images over 100 kb are not approved!

    Again, this forum and its threads are soleley for announcing or updating squads/fanpages. The threads serve as a billboard for the squad so to say. Spam and posts with questions that can be asked by PM or any other posts that we feel are just being made to bump the thread to the top of the page will be deleted and result in the squad no longer being able to use this forum for their advertising.
    A new video or screenshots from the last sessions is not an update!

    Taken from here

    Please stop bumping your thread by adding videos which contain no real updates for your squad.

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