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Thread: Bio-Hacking the next Big Thing

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    Bio-Hacking the next Big Thing

    Hi all

    For those who do not know, you can code DNA just like C++.

    Last night the BBC had a program discussing advances in bio technology and its ethical implications:

    The major subject was the proliferation of Bio-engineering right down to the backyard garage. Where you can order Open Source DNA over the Internet ready to insert into a bacteria or other life form from an online catalogue just like Radio Shack parts.

    Get your first glow in the dark jellyfish protein bio-hacking kit for your own glow in the dark tats here:
    And lots more too.

    How about a Diesel home brew kit! Or your own herd of Spider Goats for that bullet proof human skin project you had. Or the building blocks of predator style squid DNA cloaking kit! All were discussed in the Documentary.

    Join the bio-hacker revolution and be the bio age equivalent of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

    Oh by the way that nano insertion of brain control mechanisms was shown in mice in the documentary every Dictator should have some! but what about designer Drugs inserted straight into you own Glands! heck Gland Jack Daniels on Demand!

    Want to know more?

    Brave new world the Singularity is Near now! Read Ray Kurzweil before it reads you.

    Kind regards walker

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    Order DNA over the internet? I would like to see this.

    I would have thought it would be a tad expensive due to the equipment involved.


    Just checked it out. Interesting that you can order it online.
    Where's the beef?

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    For those who do not know, you can code DNA just like C++.
    That sounds like a gross oversimplification.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST_Dux View Post
    That sounds like a gross oversimplification.
    ifCholesterol = 100: activate{heart attack};

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slatts View Post
    ifCholesterol = 100: activate{heart attack};
    Silly, that's not DNA! That's Vascular#
    Quote Originally Posted by W0lle View Post
    But obviously it's very hard for people these days to make use of BRAIN v1.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST_Dux View Post
    That sounds like a gross oversimplification.
    Hi all

    Yes I agree ST_Dux; more like programing Visual Basic or Scripted addons and configs in ArmA.

    Kind regards walker

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    Yeah... this is going to end well...

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    Hi a

    More biohacking labs are springing up across the US this one is in New York:

    This is the way the computer revolution began, from personal experience I was a member of a computer club in the early eighties, some of the members became owner developers of major computer software companies, others consultants or run the IT in big bluechips.

    Kind regards walker

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    hacking - software
    biohacking - wetware

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