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Thread: Ajout trafic

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    Ajout trafic

    comment fait on pour ajouter du trafic vehicules dans l'ile de Chernarus?
    merci de vos retour

    How made one to add of the traffic vehicules in the ile of Chernarus?
    Thank you for your return

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    editeur module traffic ambiant

    editor module ambiant traffic

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    Thank you for your reponse .Mais mahleureusement my English is too low(weak) to use the editeur of mission
    Still thank you and well flight(theft)
    merci de votre reponse .Mais mahleureusement mon anglais est trop faible pour utiliser l'editeur de mission
    Encore merci et bon vol

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    If you mean the ambient traffic as it's present in Seattle, you'd need to create input data (ARD file in the world add-on). We've used a proprietary tool to process a road vector map to do this, and will look at getting the same tool out to you.
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    I managed to create some ambient traffic on Chernarus by using the standard ArmA2 modules (you need "modules.pbo" from ArmA2 addons folder). The additional ambient traffic (and people) module(s) can then be selected in the editor (can't remember what their names are right now).

    Not sure it works as it should as most vehicles seem to be static and empty but I swear that once I saw a car driving around It might be a matter of configuration though...

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    merci pour toutes vos reponses , je fais des tests et je vous tiens au courant

    Thank you for all your reponses, I make tests and I inform you
    Good flight

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