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Thread: Newbie Question : FreetrackNoIR

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    Newbie Question : FreetrackNoIR

    Hi all
    This is my first post here so first I would like to say hello.
    I have been playing the demo version of TOH and really enjoying the demo and what the game has to offer rotary fans so will buy the PC version soon.
    I have downloaded freetrackNoIR and wondering if anyone here is using it and
    how to set it up correctly to work in TOH.


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    Yes I used it for a little bit, just use the Arma profile in it, and then make sure you enable freetrack within the game in controls and then i think its under controllers. Its a very good piece of software though. I only stopped using it because my laptop was not powerful enough to run both
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    Welcome !

    I can't tell you how to instal and make the software run with TOH but I can suggest you for the curve setting.

    My rotation curve. Yaw and pitch are almost linear. Without deadzone. That's the way I really enjoy my HeadTracking system. The dead zone will kill you precision and it's not natural. Try to make something linear. And enough sensitive for look at 180° behind while being able to keep an eye on your screen

    edit : don't forget to bind a quick centering button. You'll need it !
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    Thanks Guys
    Hi hon0 I dont have the same screen setup as the one you are showing in the image, and wondering if we are using two different pieces of software?


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    nOp. My pic come from the Track IR 5 software. Free Track is a bit different but It's the same idea.

    Page 12

    I helped my dad to set it up. If I remeber well you can make a right click in the blue zone and ask a linear line. Then just adjust as you wish.

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    Thanks for that, sorry for the confussion will give that a try


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    Hi Guys
    If anyone can help a little I would be grateful, just can't seem to get it working right



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    Hi Guys
    Anyone had much success with facetrack, its working but I can't seem to get it working good enough to use it


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    Sorry I don't know FACETRACK. I can help you for Track IR or FreeTrack but not this one.

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