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Thread: Render to Texture Examples

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    I'm still wondering how to achieve this? Put a picture in picture scene in a monitor/tv/etc.

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    Hi neo,

    check out the first example mission, it's all there.

    It's pretty easy really. Just create a cam and set the object texture to the rendertarget (cam):

    PHP Code:
    _cam "camera" camCreate (getPosATL player);
    _cam camPrepareFov 0.700;
    _cam camPrepareTarget (vehicle player);
    _cam camCommitPrepared 0;
    _cam cameraEffect ["INTERNAL""BACK""rendertarget0"];

    _screen setObjectTexture [0"#(argb,256,256,1)r2t(rendertarget0,1.0)"]; 
    This is for objects only, and only for objects, which have hidden selections defined. (setObjectTexture compatible)

    For cockpit displays you have to use BIS_fnc_PIP. (Second example mission)

    If you need further assistance, please be more specific, what you are not getting

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    Thanks sxp2high,

    Exactly what I meant.
    _screen setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,256,256,1)r2t(rendertarget0,1.0)"];

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    Has anyone managed to use this with Bis_fnc_PlayVideo?

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