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Thread: Any interesting books to recommend?

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    If you can ever find a copy in English, Achtung Panzer is a good read, so is Guderians other book, Panzer Leader, which is much easier to find in English.
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    Dan Simmons - Hyperion quadrilogy (Sci-Fi)
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    Any of Iain M. Banks' Culture novels. I can recommend:

    Consider Phlebas
    Look To Windward
    Surface Detail

    Sci-Fi on a grand scale with good plots, witty characters and brutal circumstances. He manages to write around a lot of the usual sci-fi cliches.
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    I love the discworld novels by Terry Pratchett and I quite like 'The Gun Seller' by Hugh Laurie.

    Edit: Oh yeah, here is an example why I love the discworld novels: "Once he'd been standing so quietly, so withdrawn, so not there that a fleeing robber, who'd evaded his persuers, had leaned against him to catch his breath. And, when Vimes put his arms around him and whispered 'Gotcha!' into his ear, the man had apparently done into his trousers what his dear mother, some forty years before, had very patiently taught him not to do."
    Brilliant stuff!

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    1984 by George Orwell was cool.

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    Richard K. Morgan
    His Takeshi Kovacs anti-hero character series;
    Altered Carbon: combining elements of cyberpunk and hardboiled detective fiction
    Broken Angels: blending science fiction, detective and war fiction
    Woken Furies: cyberpunk and detective fiction

    Love his writting.
    Interesting fact: He was lead writer (story) on Crysis 2 and now working with Starbreeze to be a writer for their 2011 re-imagining of the original Syndicate.

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    I was wondering what's your opinion on the Andy McNab books and which one of his "non-fiction" books would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance

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    'The Twelve Caesars' by Svetonius Tranquillus. Whilst reading you will find many similarities and links between past and present

    'Speeches' by Marcvs Cicero. This one will make you wise

    Now I'm reading 'The Pacific' by Hugh Ambrose. It's really good just like James bradley's 'The Flags of Our Fathers'.

    and also reading 'Life On The Mississippi' by one of my favorite American author Mark Twain.

    I think the next book I will start will be 'Helmet for My Pillow' and 'With the Old Breed' Damn this Pacific stuff is really interesting!


    I'm interested in Vietnam War memoirs, do you know anything good I could read? Please recommend.

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    My first military-based fictional book.

    The Kremlin by Chris Ryan. Well worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekster View Post
    "Inside Delta Force"
    Is it a good book or rather boring?
    It is excellent.
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