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Thread: Can't get TrackIR working at all

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    Can't get TrackIR working at all

    • I'm using the TrackIR 5 with the hat clip.
    • I've updated the TrackIR drivers yesterday to the current ones from TrackIR.com.
    • I can calibrate the centring etc. and the TrackIR software works fine.
    • I DO NOT get the green light on the TrackIR camera when the game starts and TrackIR doesn't work at all in Take On Helicopters.
    • Other games (FSX, Arma2, LFS etc...) work fine with TrackIR.

    Anyone able to help please?
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    Hello ! You have to enable it in the controller option in the game
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    Thanks - I see the option but I still can't get it working. This is what I see...

    "Customisable Controllers

    Controllers with scheme"

    I can't seem to get any further, can you help please?

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    Hmm.. Be sure to click on "game update top right corner on the track ir software. I had the same problem.

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    Yes, you need to update the games that it supports. Then in TOH, enable it in the controllers section.
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    Thanks all for your help, that was the problem!

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