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Thread: ARMA2/OA/CO/Demo/Free/TOH on WINE/Linux!

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    NICE! Does BattlEye work for MP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddieck View Post
    NICE! Does BattlEye work for MP?
    I've not had any problems with playing multiplayer in popular servers, so I assume that BattlEye is working just fine.

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    New kernel, new driver, new wine - new tests!
    Still on Slackware x86 (PAE), but now powered with 3.1.7-zen kernel, Nvidia proprietary 290.10 driver and wine 1.3.37 - OA benchmark gives 24 fps.

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    Great, thanks again Operated! I'll try building a new version here, and if there's a substantial FPS boost I'll build new binary packages.

    EDIT: No substantial FPS boost, 19fps before and after on the same system as before! Might be your kernel or/and the driver change giving the FPS boost. Jury's still out, though, so if any other guys are getting a performance boost I'll build a new one.
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    Wow, didn't know someone actually pulled it off. This is great, thank you very much. I've been trying to get Armed Assault and Arma2 to work in wine for years now. Sofar I had only managed to get the GOTY edition of Operation Flashpoint working, but couldn't get past the rawinput-issue with the newer installments.

    Even better if the bistudio tools work under wine as well, that would save me an enormous amount of time. I just can't get used to working in windows anymore.

    Oh by the way, my brother in law recently bought ArmaX and apparently he had no problems playing the games with vmware player on ubuntu with a core2duo and a nvidia 9600GT.
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    Well, that's certainly interesting! I wasn't aware that VMWare had any graphical acceleration capabilities - I'm a qemu guy myself. I didn't even think ARMA II could run on a Core 2 Duo with a 9600GT!

    I've not tried the BiStudio tools yet, feel free to do that and post up some results. I'd love to hear of any benchmarks or tweaks for the game, too, when you get it working!

    Unfortunately, Armed Assault doesn't seem to render any icons properly. I've been planning to mess around with that when I have some time, as other WINE denizens have reported that the menu does work with previous versions - a little regression testing there might bear fruit.

    Best of luck!

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    I have been interested in Linux distributions for many years, but the lack of gaming held me back. I have had Fedora installed on my netbook for a few years now. Maybe I'll switch my desktop over soon as well.
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    @Kindling: Don't look down on the old core2duo, my current e8500 pc has no problem running Arma2CO with all the graphical goodies at well over 30 fps. Nevertheless I was surprised about 3d working in a virtual machine as well, without vga-passthrough. He seemed to be pretty confused with all the similarly named titles, from what I gathered he hasn't tried ArmaIIOA yet, but had started with ArmedAssault (not cold war crisis). I asked him to run fraps and he was getting around 18 fps while (accidentally) running 2 instances of Armed Assault. Running a single instance was completely playable according to him.

    I'll start experimenting once my new pc is delivered. I made sure that it has IOMMU so I could experiment with vga-passthrough, because I'm sick and tired of having to reboot just to run windows.

    @Dice: ArmaIICO is the only reason I still have a windows partition. If you don't mind the occasional tinkering playing windows games on linux doesn't seem to be as big of a problem as it used to be, even for beginners. Just make sure you have a NVIDIA-videocard. playonlinux looks promising for non-tinkerers.

    Freedom is the most important thing for me. And the way Microsoft and Apple try to limit me frustrates me to no end. Hmm, come to think of it, maybe that's why I like bistudio games so much, if only they'd release their games for linux as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarden View Post
    AFAIK about MAC, i remember some tries in past , heard about success but never seen it
    I am actually trying to run it on a Mac (with powerful enough GFX card of course), and the trouble is getting compiled a recent enough version of Wine with Rawinput patch. All the binaries I could find with rawinput patch already in were a little old for good 3D look (too much artifacts and slow). While Wine 1.4RC2 did run it somewhat well (without seeing any artifacts and not much LOD flickering as far as I could tell), without a rawinput patched version I couldn't get past the initial game menu (without rawinput, the game doesn't get any mouse or keyboard support from Wine). And compiling my own I get stuck.

    I will try more, it would be pretty nice not to have to reboot into BootCamp everytime I just want to try some small mission in the editor or a quick match. I understand the performance is gonna be lower, but for testing purposes and quick multiplayer with grass/postprocess turned off on many public servers anyway it might not be so bad.

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    I did do some messing around with Arma2 and ToH in bootcamp on a nice new Imac, and I had mixed results. Graphically, the Imac pulls ahead pretty well. It's got a 4970m graphics chip, vs the laptop's 460m. Textures look stunning on the Imac, and 1080p on a 27 inch screen is something to behold.

    I think the CPU bottleneck is going to keep me playing games on the ASUS laptop, though. Any significant number of AI or things going on in the background really bog down the Imac, even in Windows 7 64 bit installed with Boot Camp. I'm just going to invest in a faster hard drive for the laptop and use it strictly for gaming.

    On another note, PiP on ToH had ZERO effect on performance, regardless of quality settings, something I've felt I've been missing on the ASUS, as even low PiP settings chop 10-15 fps off the game with the 460M

    I haven't tried with Wine, I'm still learning the mac interface (First Mac I've ever owned), and even with a PC mouse (Because I'm not re-learning how to use a mouse after 24 years of gaming) I'm still not sure how to go about doing things like that. Honestly, I got it mostly for recording anyway, so keeping the laptop for gaming and the Imac for music and photography works pretty well for me. I think I can squeeze another year out of the ASUS before I build a desktop next January.

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