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Thread: AI Heli Control 1.0

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    AI Heli Control 1.0


    I have been browsing these forums for some time seeing all of the great addons that this community has created and I would like to add another one

    AI Heli Control 1.3

    After I started playing ArmA 2, I love to fly helicopters and airplanes and was impressed that the AI could land helicopters anywhere, but there were no commands to allow landing other than disembarking the pilot and then the AI would land it in the worst possible location, so I wrote this script system.

    Adds some Actions to the menu of the heli to command landing and pickup, also features a LZ system


    Required Addons
    CBA - Extended Eventhandlers

    Optional Addons
    MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon

    Ability to create a LZ for the helicopter
    Commands to land the helicopter
    Commands to fly at different heights

    if the MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon is installed
    you can command a ai pilot to fastrope infantry anywhere on the map

    The link below has both 1.3 and the now old 1.2 version available

    AI Heli Extras

    I hope it makes controlling AI Transport helicopters easier!
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    VERY nice...... Will get this asap!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Great, thanks fredkatz

    ArmA2Base.de Mirror:

    AI Heli Control 1.0 by fredkatz

    ArmA 2: Combined Operations
    Community Base Addons
    MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon (Optional)

    Kind regards
    German ArmA News Pages

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    Just tried this, it's amazing. Great work

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    Very helpful, thank you!

    MfG Lee

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    Right just tried this and I am impressed.

    Few things that I found, in no particular order (and will continue to add as I test further)
    1) If the LZ is over about 100m the AI will choose a more local LZ (and ignore your one)
    2) Once you have landed, a take off action would be great !
    3) As the gunner issuing MOVE commands would be great !
    4) I recommend ONLY having the actionmenu when inside the helo, as being outside spawns TWO copies of action menu.
    5) If you have carried out a combat insertion (and you have landed), then you need a TAKEOFF action again, as sending them to 25m they say ('decreasing altitude to 25m'!)
    6) If pilot is in a MOVE, he will wait until that is complete before executing your command.
    7) If pilot (or more importantly not NEAR any helicopters), remove all actions

    STILL TESTING ...... impressed! Will post more as I come to it.

    PS IDEA ... micromanaging forward, back, left, right movement would be amazing
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    Public FTP available, just check the Armaholic.com FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    just genius !!!

    thx for the release

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    This is great!
    I'm currently testing without the fast rope installed.
    An 'Engine start' and then a 'Dust Off' command would certainly be good, so as to have the chopper wait on the ground until told, rather than having to create a move order to start up.
    Can't really tell the difference between the various landing systems, the chopper tends to turn in the air when landing in all instances whereas a combat landing to me is a very fast touch down then off either in a straight line or at least with a particular direction in mind.
    Hopefully this sounded constructive as it really is a great addon thus far!

    Also wanted to add changing the LZ object to an invisible LZ, though it's probably useful for debuging.

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