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Thread: ARMA 2: OA 1.60, ARMA 2 1.11, ARMA 2: Free 1.11, ARMA 2: BAF 1.03, ARMA 2: PMC 1.02

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    Thank you BIS, haven't been testing betas recently but the volume of releases and feedback and CIT's and feedback, and releases and feedback and CIT's and more feedback and updates, and testing, and server releases & CIT's and testing and feedback and then RC's testing, feedback and CIT's ......

    = Probably the biggest single advancement of a patch to outmatch any other company .... Im sure there are other examples but none as close nit and direct dialogue than BIS do it.

    You chaps have a great New Year

    PS does the patch include an easter egg of Maruks current hair style and look?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarden View Post
    did i mentioned we have plans for Friday too?
    Is it the snowman?
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    Anyone knows something about the FXAA QUALITY PRESET's ?

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    Its online @ Steam.

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    Q: Can u install this right over 1.60 RC?

    Thanx BIS and merry Christmas.
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    thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    a2 is dling on steam. I assume oa will shortly.
    It's dling really slow. Can I torrent a patch and just break the Steam dependency, or will it break the game?
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    Thank you so much bis!!!

    Happy holidays!!!

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    thnx just in time was planning to play PMC and BAF next week (kinda delayed it because of the bugs and an incoming TIR )

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeuroFunker View Post
    check last page
    I manually patched the Steam version, and now Steam is trying to redownload a bunch of stuff.

    So I guess it doesn't "just work" for everyone.
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