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Thread: Bulldozer for O2 crashes after loading custom .rtm files

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    Bulldozer for O2 crashes after loading custom .rtm files

    Hey im working on an animations pack and i use autodesk Maya to make my animations and convert them to an .rtm but for some reason when i try to load them into the bulldozer they crash. I got 2 questions. 1 does this mean that it wont run in game either? 2. is it crashing because its not compatible (which wont make sense its an Arma Skeleton and its an rtm file >:0)

    Any answers will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
    Respect the nanner

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    1. yes it won't
    2. depends:
    Are you using teacup's plug/rig by any chance?? Because if you do, the number of bones and names are different since that was designed for Arma1, not A2. There are some things that have changed in the meantime.

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