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Thread: ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead 1.60 RC #6 (Release Candidate)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarden View Post
    anyone can confirm lag/desync in 1.60.87546 servers?
    Just to let you know:
    Our group had some Lag with RC3 during a large Mission with BW Mod Stuff.
    We don´t belive that the Lag was caused by RC3 (didn´t experience it in other Missions) it is more likely that either the Mission itself or the BW Mod Stuff (very likely regarding the unfinished and unmaintained state the Mod is in) was causing the problems.
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    I was getting regular desync in RC4 in a simple 2 player LAN game with a small number of addons. I was quite surprised by this as the same mission with the same addons and same number of players used to suffer no desync whatsoever back in the 1.5x days.

    Haven't tried RC6 yet though, so here's hoping it's in good shape.

    Thanks again for all your efforts BIS (and also the DevHeaven guys for the superbly productive CIT). Happy Christmas to all!
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    I think that once a new RC candidate comes out all other previous beta and RC threads should be locked. This is getting too confusing.

    This will then concentrate minds on latest RC (or beta).

    Not getting at you Munger or Tonci87 - just general rant.

    I AM finding that vehicles are getting caught in walls now (perhaps due to interpolation errors) and are unable to move. It looks like they have been cemented in!

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    Is the 1.6 patch on the updates page the full released patch?

    Updates Page

    EDIT ---> Ignore me! I just saw the post in General!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedra View Post
    Is the 1.6 patch on the updates page the full released patch?

    Updates Page

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    The CRC32 information listed for 1.11 and 1.60 is the same, is this correct?

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    Is the 1.60 Patch the same as RC6?
    Or should I download official patch nevertheless?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprayer_faust View Post
    is the 1.60 patch the same as rc6?
    Or should i download official patch nevertheless?
    Do it!

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    no, there is change, RC7 was last not released to public, this thread is now obsolete

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    Yes, final patch is a little bit different (better).

    Please make sure to get final 1.60 and update your Release Candidate.


    * ca.pbo fixed for OA standalone
    * some last obsolete bi.bisign fixed in OA standalone

    Not massive difference but still probably worth getting to make sure everyone is on the same version.
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