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Thread: [TvT/FFA/CO-40] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

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    Lightbulb [TvT/FFA/CO-40] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

    This mission is something I have been working on for a while now, and I finally see it as ready for public beta.
    (Devheaven page:

    What is it?

    Dynamic Zombie Sandbox is a fully customizable, random, zombie mission. It is different every time, no matter what. Much like cipher from A2. The goals of the mission are in new positions with each run of the mission. It can be played as a quick mission. Giving yourself a marked objective, or hiding the location of the objective and searching the entire map for it, increasing the difficulty drastically. The parameters below account for either the easiness or difficulty of the mission.

    This mission was made to accomplish a couple things I wanted to see in zombie missions. The first being island independence. You can change the .chernarus on the pbo file to any other island and the mission will work. The only thing on the map is the playable characters. Everything else is generated via scripts.
    Along with map independence I wanted as much randomness as possible. The player will be spawned at a random town or position on the map. Vehicles spawn next to buildings with random vehicle types with random weapons inside. Military vehicles spawn by military buildings, civilian with civilian. The players weapon, if he chooses to start with one, will be randomly chosen also. A lot of things are also choose-able in the parameters screen

    I wanted to add as many parameters as possible, more are on the way.

    My vehicle spawning system spawns vehicles at buildings on the map, so they are not limited to just towns. Weapons only spawn within vehicles at the moment.

    It can be played on a listen server or dedicated.

    This is still in beta so bugs will probably be encountered.

    I plan on adding a lot more to the mission in the future, this is just the first release. I would like to add many more game modes and tasks. Maybe even a structured storyline, we shall see how it goes.

    I list the mission as TVT/FFA/COOP because the game can be played in anyway you want. You could fight over resources, get a team together and fight the rest of the people. Or unite and fight with one another.

    SEE: HERE for more info!

    Once again I am going with the 3 versions, and one bundle of all three.

    As you know we don't get paid for this mod, I've put a lot of my free time into it. If you want to keep DZS going and promote future features feel free to donate as much as you wish. Also for any donation over 10 USD we will send a DZS wristband to you home. Just include your address when you donate.


    Combined Operations Version V1.25 (CO)
    Requires patch 1.62 of ArmA 2 Combined Operations. No other mods/addons required.

    Operation Arrowhead Version V1.25 (OA)
    Requires patch 1.60 of ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead . No other mods/addons required

    ArmA 2 Vanilla/Free Version V1.25 (A2/A2F)
    Requires patch 1.10 of ArmA 2 or ArmA 2 Free. No other mods/addons required

    DZS 1.25 Pack

    Dynamic Zombie Sandbox V.90 TOH

    ArmaHolic Download:

    ArmaHolid DL page (1.25)

    ArmaHolic Thread:

    ArmaHolic Thread

    Thanks to:
    SRU team, thanks for the ideas and the testing
    Deth - Helped a lot with sounds and testing
    Tonic - Told me to abandon construction, and made the new Loading screen! thanks
    VVC team
    Loyal players
    Everyone who hosts the mission
    Celery for making the zombies!!
    B&B for making the zombie system introduced in .90


    ChangeLog V1.25

    Planned Features

    A Quarantine-esque buy/sell feature, get points for zombie kills
    Simulate beginning of apocalypse (Game mode)
    Help the military eradicate virus (Game mode)
    Storyline (Game Mode)
    Kill a certain amount of zombies (task)
    Random option for every parameter, making the mission completely random.


    Very important for the direction of this project, if you have any at all to give (positive or critical) please give it!

    Make a full game of this and its GOTY hands down bro DD
    Ces't super cool!

    Yeah its really damn cool i had to say it in another language. Thanks bobtom/Craig!
    Mission is really great and even day time gave me some good scares
    I forked in £25 quid just for this mod! was worth it, keep working on it dude, you got my support
    So much fun
    Great Missions. Love playing them
    Me gusta
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    Wow, nice job! Will try it out with my team.
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    Nice this sounds different TvT zombie shooter interesting.

    Sorry to ask does it support ACE?


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    Quote Originally Posted by stk2008 View Post
    Nice this sounds different TvT zombie shooter interesting.

    Sorry to ask does it support ACE?

    It is TvT If you want it to be, otherwise can choose to work together. You can be greedy and attack other players.

    No ace support yet, but I plan on making an ACE version soon.

    The mission works fine with ACE on, it removes stamina automatically, but it doesn't include any ACE weapons or vehicles yet.
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    Great news thanks I will wait for the ACE version then.

    Good work

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    This is really nice mission, I must say Im really pleased. There are some oddities like starting with Rocket Launcher only (but overkilling Z's like that is pretty funny).

    Here are some ideas:

    -Random survivors pockets, where you can get some ammo or recruit some helpers, but such pockets would be very rare
    -A mission type: The Siege - you need to hold point for few minutes, hours or days. Z's attack in waves, you have option to skip time until next attack, or you can try your luck finding equipment out in the field. After set time you are rescued by military (chopper on convoy)
    -new goals:
    *get to the green zone cordoned off by military
    *find extraction zone and wait for chopper
    *get to survivor stronghold
    *get rescued by military armed convoy (random position, they drive around the map blowing shit up)
    *get to the boat and sail away

    - the fog is very nice, but you should give options to set weather as well, fog with thunderstorm would be really creepy

    All in all its very nice mission, very L4D like.

    BTW: Some zombies are really sneaky, lying prone in tall grass and all .

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    Good mission, the ability to customize this much is great and just what I have been looking for.

    Some suggestions:
    Parameter to determine zombie speed.
    Ability to build things, particularly barriers that actually keep zombies out (I guess the idea here is to build your own safe zones).
    Parameter: Randomize spawn location of zombies, some in cities some in country (if possible).
    Parameter: Destructible buildings are a great idea, but could we have a parameter that adds more: such as wrecks, smoke and fire (JTD Fire and Smoke, this gives the battlefield a history), destroyed barriers (ala The Walking Dead Atlanta).
    Parameter: Ambient aircraft: Every now and then a helicopter or jet flies by.
    Save Function for LAN. Would be great, if possible.

    The parameter: Find and Defend Military Base doesn't work, it loads the mission as the script initiates the splash screen reappears zoomed and won't go away.

    Thanks for the hard work.

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    Nice work!
    Scary mission.

    Tried it on Emita, worked fine!
    Except the bug that jg4500 mentions, that at some point it freezes at the splash screen.


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    Very cool! Downloading now

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    I have set it up making "MY" dedi server and on my teams Dedi server but it always "stucks" while in map (i see only a 'splash screen'/no options *pretty much the same bug as jb4500 mentioned* )
    I tried it at least 5-6 times

    Any suggestions?..
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