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Thread: Asymmetric Warfare Components

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    Well the easy solution for TBIEDs would be to have a tree model that explodes.

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    this is a new concept, at least i havent seen anything like it, its good, and i would totally dl it if/when it is released. keep up the good work! also, the idea for the exploding tree model seems promising, a good idea.

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    This is nice. Definitely keep it up, it goes well with the sapper mod too i think. It appears indeed you are a combat engineer And the big red one as well.

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    Slowly... very slowly but most assuredly... it is progressing. Thus far, I've been able to implement most, if not all of the ideas I had for the modification. Some aspects still need a lot of work, such as objects being completely destroyed (i.e. trees, vehicles, personnel, etc) so I'm still looking for a solution or workaround for some of these problem areas. That said, here is a new videos featuring the new devices for AWC.

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    Great work Devildog, looks fantastic.
    Any news on if the IED's will be able to be disarmed/safely detonated for a full EOD sim?
    I'm sure i know a whole bunch of guys who would love to use these is missions.
    Keep up the great work.

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    This is some amazing work. This, and ExA's RG-31 and Husky will make for some epic route clearance missions!

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    Where's the damn 'like' button when you need one?

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    Looking impressive so far!

    As you are an expert and have a lot of experience with these kind of devices...
    Would you like to tell us more about how to deal with them?
    Which of them are absolutely unbeatable?
    Which ones could be avoidable, disarmed and/or remotely triggered?
    Will you include some "tools" or measures to manage risks when facing these devices?

    I know there are so many questions but you got us all really interested in this new focus on AW


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    Awesome work DevilDog. Keep it up.
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    Will there be more varied types of explosion? Like 105mm, RPG, etc. Because you only shown those big explosions. I understand that its still WIP, but I hope there will be more types of explosion.

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