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Thread: Better lights and other suggestions

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    Better lights and other suggestions

    Well I purchased TOH this week.Having come over both from Arma series and many flight sims.

    First off I would like to see much better lighting on the helicopters.They aren't bright enough and just don't stand out.Flashing strobes are completely missing and it would be nice if the beacons flashed and reflected off objects like the ground or bottom of the heli.I also see no interior lighting for the instrument panel.

    Would also be nice to map the throttle to a joystick axe like a slider or dial.If this is already possible then I have missed it in the controller setup?

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    Yes, more lights would be much appreciated. Other helicopters around you are sometimes hard And boats should have brighter lights to.

    But while flying with NVGs the instrument panel is too bright.

    As it seems the throttle can not be mapped to a slider. I think this may be because of the lock you have to have between idle & off.

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    I've noticed at night, everything(trees, ground, buildings) is near pitch black but then a few runways are lit up. Those runways dont have lightpoles or anything 'lighting' them up, the runway itself is just lit up. So I think there's just a general lighting issue with the game itself. Definately needs to be fixed.

    So if they can tweak the runway object to act brighter at night, isn't it possible for every object to just be brighter at night?

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