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Thread: Quick question about ARMA2 free

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    Quick question about ARMA2 free

    If i was to download this free version,can i use the islands in TOH and would it be difficult to transfer into my TOH installation?
    Many thnx,
    PS what islands are included in the free arma2?

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    Islands included are Utes and Chernarus.

    You should be able to use them in TOH yes. Try starting TOH with a modfolder containing the ArmA 2 Free addon files and see what happens..

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    Not so easy. ArmA II Free is specifically designed not to be moddable. There's basically a different type of .pbo, and the game will reject standard ones, and vice versa.

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    ]NTRUDER is correct. Just load TKOH with "-mod=c:\path\to\A2F"

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    BI does not want A2 content to be used in TOH.
    A future patch might provide this kind of support but until than and until instructed otherwise any such topic discussing this will be locked.
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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

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