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Thread: Civilian Interaction Module (beta)

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    Civilian Interaction Module (beta 0.22)

    (CIM) Civilian Interaction Module(s)

    By: Nielsen

    Updated to v.0.22 (Hotfix: More CRM Readme errors)

    DISCLAIMER: This is more of an addon than a mod. I use the 'module' designation because the addon adds new modules to the editor. Be adviced that the addon is released as a BETA, and as such I provide no guarantees of functionality or against adverse effects. This addon should work well in hosted MP environments but it might not be fully compatible with dedicated servers yet. The point of release is to get some feedback that might help improve the addon. Also, I would like to make it clear that I do not consider myself a skilled coder, and my approach is probably not the best one.

    This addon adds three modules to the editor called the ‘(CIM) Civilian Interaction Module’, the '(CIM) Civilian Extraction Module' and the '(CIM) Civilian Reaction Module'. When placed on the map the 'Interaction Module' allows players to order civilians to the ground, inside houses or out of the area or vehicle in a second. Players can also search and key-cuff civilians or detain them. The 'Extraction Module' lets players extract detained civilians in a chopper via radio call, and also allows for smoke marked LZ. The 'Reaction Module' can generate different civilian events (for ambience) at will, or at predefined locations. It also has a feature that will add certain "evidence" items to random (un-searched) civilians around the players.

    How to use:
    Install the addon like you would any mod - using modfolders of course. For a quick setup, open the editor and hit 'F7'. Place the '(CIM) Civilian Interaction Module' on the map on a flat spot far away from the action. When in game hold the CIM-Key (default:left shift) and view available commands in the action menu. The 'Extraction-' and the 'Reaction Module' needs to be synchronized (F5) with the group leader(s).
    For a more detailed explanation of use and customizable setup see the included readme.
    For a short video tutorial on how to set it up, look here.

    - Verbal commands for ordering civilians about
    - Physical actions for searching and subduing civilians
    - Helicopter extraction of detained civilians
    - Script to mark LZ's with smoke for pinpoint extractions.
    - Spawning of ambient civilian events
    - Makes random civilians have "evidence"
    - Custom sounds
    - Global arrays and customizable parameters for mission maker convenience
    - Works with ALICE
    - works with surrendered units (thank you stupidwhitekid75 for pointing this out to me)
    - Works with ACE2, Reezo's EOD mod, and nearly any other mod
    - SP and MP compatible (not working on dedicated yet)

    - Arma 2 CO
    - CBA

    Known issues:
    - Because of hardcoded limitations, female civilians will not display animation when key-cuffed. However, they will still be completely passive.
    - Because the action menu cannot be used while holding 'left ctrl' it is not suitable as CIM-Key.
    - Smoke in the CRM "gathering" event does not work on clients yet. (No idea why. And I do know that it is a local effect)
    - The 'Reaction module' currently requires that the 'Interaction module' is also present.

    • Reezo – for his epic EOD-mod which inspired this module.
    • SHK – for providing his SHK_Pos function (used in CIM) and for being very helpful on the forums.
    • JohnnyDust – for helping out with testing and suggestions, and for covering my six.
    • Clements, Sickem and Inspired Media - For recording and editing of videos/tutorials (thanks guys).
    • Pellejones and SSG ( – for testing and advice on dedicated servers.
    • Ruebe – for taking time to help out on the forums.
    • LAxemann, Feint, YayForLife, UGLY58, Zwobot, Clements, Raptor 6 Actual – for reporting bugs.
    • Sickboy - for creating CBA
    • – for hosting my (and all other) mod(s).
    • BIS, ACE2 team and the community – for making this game timeless and priceless.

    License and copyright:
    People are free to change this to their needs. If you are planning on changing this addon and releasing it as your own, I request that you contact me first, and of course that you credit me where it is appropriate. In the end, as long as I get credit for my work, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.


    Beta v. 0.22:

    I hope you enjoy and have fun trying this out. Let me know what you think.

    Kind regards,
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    please upload to a decent mirror like

    that aside sounds interesting and good release post. thanks

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    I figured that with such a small filesize it would not matter much. But no worries, rapidshare link added

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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Sounds freaking awesome.

    Is it ALICE compatible?

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    @Foxhound: Thanks. You work fast

    @MugAben: Thanks man. Yes it is. It works with more or less any civilians.
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    wow this looks amazing! i am going to try and tinker around with it


    I am having trouble with setting a different key for interaction. the PDF versions has the lines needed, but they are not copyable, were as the text version does not have the commands at all

    i am trying to get the DIK code thing to work, but i cant get it too. keeps telling me invalid variable

    0=findDisplay 46 displayaddeventhandler [“keydown”,”hint format ['%1',_this select 1];”];

    is there a way to add in were the key is mapped to an out of game config file? like have the config file in the addons folder or something? that way the key is not slaved to the whims of the mission maker. since i use my shift key as sprint, makes for very awkward handling
    i would like to switch the key to left CTRL
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    this is awesome, nice work

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    Make sure you run the command in an activation field and not an init field. It has to be run after mission start, so launching it in init will not work. Other than that, the "" might be twisted by the forum font. I think I've seen that before. The command you posted look right.

    I see your problem. I first set default to left control, but realized that when ctrl is held the action menu is not available. I thought about using left alt, as I have trackIR that would work. But I ended up going with left shift because it is within reach, and because it is tied to run/walk it works nice when standing still. Of course it can be a problem when moving depending on the setup. I am open to better ideas for a default key.

    0 = findDisplay 46 displayaddeventhandler ["keydown","hint format ['%1',_this select 1];"];
    Should tell you the DIK-code of a pushed key if run after mission start.

    I use a "CIM-Key" because I hate cluttering up the action menu. I thought that would be a better way of making it less intrusive. But action menu seemed like the only way to make this work. A dialog would have frozen the player. Way to dangerous with suicidebombers around. I think a required key is a good compromise, I just hope it does not seem over the top.

    EDIT: Fixed command line

    EDIT2: I'm not sure how to make the CIM-Key local. It would obviously be a cool thing, so I would like to do it, but right now I'm not entirely sure how.
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    Mate, I have to say this is one brilliant addon!
    Ive been creating SF HVT arrest operations and missions but have always been bogged down with unpredictable AI and scripts that fail. This mod answers everything ive been ragging my brain over. Thanks!

    Keep up the great work!

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