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Thread: Dedicated Server RPG

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    What thats a Joke? The Code get removed by moderators and you are still offering to publish it. Can i remind you to the point that this code has been stolen direct from our servers.

    What is this here a kindergarden?
    Rähtshriebfäler sind kostenlos

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddieck View Post
    (Others can feel free to PM me for the script.)

    The unauthorized distribution of materials owned by other parties is not permitted on this forum in any form.

    Publishing the content of others, including code snippets, without permission, is punishable by a permanent ban. Given that we wish to foster creativity and innovation in the community, we take these matters very seriously.

    DO NOT continue to distribute this material, or it will be the last thing that you do on these forums. Anyone who trades in such suspiciously obtained information may well be permanently banned, and anyone offered such information should contact their nearest moderator immediately.

    User permanently suspended pending an explanation of his actions.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Forum Rules
    §20) Posting addon/mod other content without permission
    For many years this community has been known as the premium addon/mod creating community, people work tirelessly and in great detail to create fantastic addons/mods/missions/campaigns to release for free so that everyone benefits, including Bohemia Interactive. There are a few simple rules in place to provide the respect to these creative people/groups that they deserve:

    The first and most fundamental rule is that you must seek permission to alter someone's work, to mirror it or use it in any way other than for personal use. No permission, no editing, no mirroring, no adding to your mod pack, no editing and sharing around your private squad, none of that is acceptable.

    Obviously we cannot unfortunately control what people do outside of these forums, however on these forums you must follow this rule, if a person/team post a thread to share an addon/mod using content from someone else without permission and we receive a complaint then the mod thread will be closed until the issue is resolved and the forum member(s) risks being permanently banned from these forums for taking someone's work without permission.

    This isn't just limited to re-using content in addons/mods/missions however, it's not acceptable to edit someone's work without permission and then to post screenshots of it on the forums (even if the edited addon/mod is purely for personal use), it's also not acceptable to edit someone's work, or use someone's work in any way that you don't have permission for and then to create videos which you post on these forums, doing any of the above without the permission of the original creators risks a permanent ban, for individuals, for whole mod teams or squads.
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    My inbox is fill and won't be emptied. If your PM is regarding requests to use my work, unfortunately I choose not to grant such permission. My work is for use with CWR2 only.

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    I just dont understand.

    So Tee time, you're saying that no one gives you credit, I say that if you had released server sided files with your name on them this wouldn't even be a problem. No, it's not your name you worry about, its sever donation. Be honest. You think there will be profit here, there wont. Does any one wonder who created Benny CTI? Nope. You also said that if you cant protect your scripts you will leave Arma, I say that if Arma backs you on this I will leave Arma. OFP, OFP resitence and Arma 1 and 2 are not great games out of the box, I buy them because of the talented user community.
    Because of various measures you and you freinds have taken server crashing has become all the rage, I am not accusing you directly, but c'mon- you know what Im talking about huh?
    So how many scripts were altered by that 5% and recredited came from OFP life missions like Nogova crimes, coppers and the others? I know better. I have read the scripts. I dont know who we think were trying to fool here, but it aint me.
    Funny, this wasn't ever a problem until life missions actually got popular in Arma 2 and donations from lifer clans started rolling in. Why the break with tradition. Traditionally (10+ years) This was a very freindly enviorment for the novice programmer to learn from others work, now it threatens BIs very existance. Now BI may think Im getting ahead of myself, but if they were to pay attention to server popultion, they would see a massive drop off because of all the griefing and crashing not because of game age. Some of this is due to fights over who can and can't host missions. If the server health of Arma 3 is going to be anything like Arma 2, Im already out. I will save myself the greif.

    So here is the low down. The more you try to protect (your) scripting, the more people will attempt to get their hands on it. Your attitude is the the wrong one for this community.
    If I've said it once I will probably have to repeat myself. A quick study of available mission and user created mods reveal thousands of outstanding works, that these Frankenstien rip off missions can't even begin to compare to, and if you examine life missions in the past you will see clearly the hypocracy that is your claim. NO ONE ELSE ACTS LIKE YOU GUYS ABOUT THIS!!
    So if the only place you can control what code is posted is here, why even try? If BI cant control anything outside this forum, then why did you ban Eddie when I have collected hundreds of other code examples on this forum?
    Can Tee Time even prove that's his script? Who did he pay, and why should you care?
    There are lots of game engines and modleing tools out there, If you want to protect your work, then work in a place where YOU have the right to copywrite and protect work. That's why video game companies sell software with USER LICENCE agreement. This provides legal remedy against backward engineering. There is no such animal here, so BIs reaction to Eddie is unfair, and to Tee Time weak pacification.
    Arma is a very niche game, and I have always respected CM and BI for keeping it user tweakable. If thats a problem, there are many other very good games out there without the greif load you jerks are causing.
    In the event that BI takes measures to protect you, users will just take measures to defeat it, that will create more greifing, more hacking and less fun.
    You're fighting a losing battle and looking terrible doing it.
    Please keep it open, if you do, the 5% who pay attention will honor you and protect your name, if you hide it though, how will we ever know who wrote what?
    With this precedent set, I could pour through BI forums and claim all kinds of snippet without name, and have them removed, right? Wrong. So why here? why now.
    Im getting sicker of this by the day.
    Soon I will be releasing a life mission of sorts. I will only be writting a hand full of the scripts. All the others I will modify and copy. I will leave what credits I can find, but if you think that someone like you can come and greif me claiming a function without a name, I will laugh in your face. I for one don't care where I find functions, my only concern is if they work. If i am ever caught changing names, It will show and I will be a tool. Thats the only recourse you have so drop it.

    My 0.02$ American.

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    To bad that i cant find a karma button. I would give you +1 karma for the length of your post.

    Send me a PM when you managed it to write a working script with the same length. Maybe then you will release that people have the right to decide what should happen to their work and that this contains the right to claim scripts private.

    And so long i prefer to pay my bills in € so keep your 2 Cents.

    btw banana:

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    I believe the reason why everyone is pooping themselves here over encrypted files is that people are used to taking the work of others to learn from it. Not to steal. This is how it always was.
    And I bet everyone had a look at some point at someone else's work to see how stuff was done. I know for sure that I did it this way and that any other modder in this forum did so, too. Be it from missions, script packs or simply the wiki.

    The fact that .sqs and .sqf was always plain text and thus openly readable is the very garden Eden that everyone in this community still nourishes from.

    Don't forget that back in ye olden days, 2001, when the only official means of learning to script was by using the comref BIS provided or by ripping apart the campaigns and missions that came with the game to see how they, the developers at that time, made a script work.

    And now someone comes along and wants to put an end to this circle. That's why people are - understandably - upset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mondkalb View Post
    And now someone comes along and wants to put an end to this circle. That's why people are - understandably - upset.
    And soon you have to pay a fee, to use server side scripts on your own server or you have to get a server-membership with costs, to play on a certain server.
    (e.g. compare ArmAcommunity with communities like FSX or minecraft)
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    WoW....When did BIS hired you? Glückwunsch und alles Gute !!!! Good luck

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    @Mondkalb: Glückwunsch. Ich hoffe mal dein neuer Status wirkt sich positiv auf die Gebäude in Arma 3 aus.

    @Topic: I dont car if people are upset or not. The Point of the whole discussion about encrypting and serversided scripts is (and thats something most people here seem not to see/ to understand) that EVERYONE has to accept and respect some rules, rights and opinions.

    The only reason why we have this discussion here is that some people gave a shit on the opinions and rights of some scripters.

    Same for eddieck he got punished ,because he broke the forum Rules.

    Dont believe that i am happy about the point that i am forced to protect my work, but i am just sick! Sick of all this idiots who think that it would be mutch better to transform the RPG mission into a GTA Deathmatch Map, sick of all this kiddies who think that changing a few names and a few Arrays give them the right to call themself a Developer and to change the whole credits, sick of all this Idiots you can find in the ********* Forum who are using every unencoded script to create a new cheating functions to destroy the Balance ,the Gameplay and the fun of all other Player on the server!

    This guys and their behavior are the real problem of Arma and not some encoded scripts!

    Guarantee me that i wont see a RPG mission with a new name and new credits where 90% of the scripts are just a copy of our mission and i will remove all encoding and all serversided files!

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    And whats the problem in seeing a RPG mission based on your code? Id be happy to see people having fun through the work ive done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mir00 View Post
    And whats the problem in seeing a RPG mission based on your code? Id be happy to see people having fun through the work ive done!
    Most, if not all, of it isn't even his code. (I'm saying "most" because I don't know if he contributed a script or two at one point.) That's the funny thing.

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