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Thread: ArmA Gold: bad serial number given

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    ArmA Gold: bad serial number given

    I bought arma x on steam, everything works fine except arma: gold

    yes, i run steam as administrator

    yes, i tried to re-install it

    when i check cache there is 1 file always failing to validate, says taht it will be reacquired, but it happens over and over.

    i belive thats the problem.

    The question is: how can i fix it?

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    Hello, welcome to Bis forums!

    Few things:
    1st. Search the forums before you post to make sure your questions has not been already asked, which it has many times.
    Just go to search and put this line in the field:
    bad serial number given.

    2nd Make sure you are entering the number/code whatever correctly not copying and pasting it, but entering it as it is read.

    3rd. There is a thread for all Steam related questions/problems, best to review it and ask there if your question is not answered.

    4rth.Last but not least for your references follow the forum rules:
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    COWarModACE for Ace2 Mod | COWarModI44 for I44 Mod | A2WarMod for Arma2 | A2WarModACE for Arma2 Ace mod | WarMod for Arma1
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