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Thread: PAUSE Function Request

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    PAUSE Function Request

    Maybe ARMA2 doesn't permit the game to be Paused other than by the ESC key, but it would be really good to be able to Pause the game so that you could produce screen shots that do ToH justice. Right now, the display goes blurred when you press ESC. Why not keep the game view in focus and allow the player to take a screen shot - either internal or external. I'm sure the excellent promotional shots required this sort of facility - or maybe your developers are proficient enough to take these shots 'on the fly', as it were!
    Cheers - Dai.

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    Would also like too see a auto pause when you open the map, helo's dont like to be unattended for long

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    Or make the GPS window zoomable, so there is no urgent need for using the map anymore.

    Otherwise it adds some realism: you have to check your map before takeoff.

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