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Thread: Helis on Film (Real Footage) Please post your real chopper footage in here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hon0 View Post
    They're so ugly... So I love them
    Great find hon0! Especially the second one!

    I'd love to see that one in TOH!
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    +1 A lot of thing to do with these bird.. Civial OR/AND military.
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    Interesting shot showing the control inputs the pilot has to make just after the 2.00 mark
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    Not real footage but what you can expect from a (she ain't cheap) commercial 'civilian' helicopter FFS (full flight simulator), also has dynamic mission creator.

    outside view, nice example of how radio chatter should be done imho.
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    RAF Chinook display team. Some pretty amazing manouvers....

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    Bravo November.

    Bravo November is a RAF Chinook with quite a history. The link provided is quite an interesting read.

    Here it is in action. This whole video is quite unbelievable. The skill and courage of these people is amazing!

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    Kiwi's... special breed of pilots.

    Possibly NSFW, bit of colourful language near the end.
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