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Thread: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

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    The potions I use are those "healing potions" which heal you for xx points. You can indeed only use them once and than you use the next bottle (if available). It indeed makes sense when you can use them once the shortcut only works once.
    But than I really wonder how I set it up before or what I was using enabling me to heal multiple times......

    Maybe that was a temp heal item I had or maybe I enchanted it by mistake (and thus destroying the item). Really cant remember but thanks for the idea......that did not cross my mind. I feel like an idiot

    Tonight when I get home I am going to take another look into my inventory.
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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Oh what a game, really enjoying myself.
    Spent the better half of yesterday clearing Valthume and checking out Labyrinthia....
    Just brilliant

    Only real annoyances I have are:
    - Friendly NPC's getting in my way (dungeon/building corridors, fighting etc) :-D At times resulting in them becoming enemies and having to redo :P
    - Enchanting weapons or getting weapons dropped because of a spell/shout resets favorite status and thus also quick-selection assignment. Somewhat logical perhaps, but can be annoying
    - Seems to be no way to store dual-wielded weapons in shortcut unless you have two of the same kind. So e.g this goes fine: Have 2 weapons, switch to Bow, switch from bow back to two weapons by pressing the bow-shortcut key again. However once you switch to another left or right handed weapon, you will have to go into the quick menu to get back to the two weapons you prefer.

    None are real game breakers though, and I suppose some will/can be remedied by mod :P

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    Dual weapons works fine for me, both are in favourites, I choose one, e.g. my glass war axe and then it adds my exquisite blades katana to my right hand automatically, like it remembers.

    The only thing I can suggest is to make sure that the potion you are short-cutting has multiple bottles, that's the only logical reason why when using it once you cant use it's potion type again. Also ask at armaholic next time, bi forums is for peasants

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    I have 100 in smithing and took the dragon armor perk,but after it I can't choose daedric armor perk.Do I have to unlock all the smithing perks or what??
    Also the small update released a few days ago made my game to randomly crash,great job Beth.

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    The Smithing tree looks like a circle, but isn't a circle, it's just that Dragon Armor is the top of both branches.
    If you want to reach Daedric, you need to unlock all perks on the "right" branch of the perk tree (which is heavy armor oriented, while the left branch is light armor oriented). You can't go "past" Dragon Armor, it's the topmost for both branch
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    Ahhh damn it,I went with smithing light armor perks until I reached Dragon Armor,now I need another 3-4 perks for Daedric.
    Btw I'm lvl 43 and mages are pita,a few of those ice bolt spells and I'm toast,not to mention the fuckers are full-auto Rambo with those spells.

    I'm also glad that Beth learned something from the past,no more bandits or thugs full of glass and daedric gear like in Oblivion.I mean why did they bothered asking 50 septims when they had ultra expensive gear.

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    I am pondering the idea of getting this after looking at reviews, pics, videos and so on.

    But ... I am right in thinking that to patch it or run it out of the box I have to be sucked into the world of steam? Is this correct? Even if I purchase physical version?

    IE: for PC local install physical copy I have no option but to run it through steam for patches and steam to fire it up?


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    Get the game! Its ausome as F***K!
    Steam sucks I know, im with you, i got the DVD when i had no internet thinking I can just install and play, but nooooooo!
    WTF seriously. anyways to answer alot of questions about the game in terms of installation, steam's bs ect,. here you go:

    I suggest installing from disc as it will take you god forever using steam alone, unless you have high speed internet.

    Already tons of mods out for Skyrim and growing!
    get em here:

    Also like the Oblivion Forums, the Skyrim forums are bustling with life
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    Get the game! Its ausome as F***K!
    Tag line for all magazines eh


    On a more game based note, I am impressed with the open ended expanse, it seems that this would cover that area for me which other games wont and other open ended ones that were "console only" wont help.

    BTW Gunter, thanks for the links very helpful, that lead on to more info I needed too, much appreciated sir

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    Your welcome Mr.Cash.
    I didn't like the idea either and had to actually wait a week to get my internet back all for steam,
    but i know that in another week I will lose it again as Comcast gave me a week break big whip, that i can now play Skyrim offline.

    Playing offline
    The way you play offline is you go to steam library, right click the icon on your taskbar, then go to library and then
    at the top left where it says steam look on the menu for offline, click it and you wont need to go on steam online to play anymore.

    its worth it, i'd asume your computer is pretty decent, the graphics will fill with tears of glee, lol check out these few vids,
    that kind of demonstrate what the game looks like in terms of graphics and utter beauty:

    The Beauty of Skyrim -(all ingame)

    The Beauty of Skyrim [Pt.2]

    Living in Windhelm is awesome! -
    (racism in the game among races wtf)

    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim timelapses

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