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Thread: Head movement addon by jcgam

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    a) you seem to load also an older version of it?
    Conflicting addon YourTag_MoreHeadMovement in 'headfree\', previous definition in 'airhead\'

    b) you didnt tweak the values in the config, did you?
    as you can see they are overwritten in the specific heli classes below by BI
    you need to adjust these values if you want it to be different

    c) unrelated: this isnt good too - any idea what addon "sc_redbull" that is ?
    Conflicting addon HSim_Air_US_H_Helicopters_Light in 'hsim\air_us_h\helicopters_light\', previous definition in 'sc_redbull\'

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    Thanks ! It's working. I think it's cause I didn't tweak the value in the config. Thought it was ever done.
    I really feel better in my heli with this tweak. I feel more.. Hmm safe.

    SC_REDBULL is the redbull skin by sylle.

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    Can you PM me the config please. I will forward sylle an improved one therefore.
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    could you post the file here?
    I can never seem to get the files into a pbo properly...

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    Paste it here :

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\take on helicopters\@headFree\addons\here

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