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Thread: Extending the campaign?

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    Extending the campaign?


    A lot of people seem to be asking if there will be further campaign missions from BI. Personally I am not sure that there will be. So, does anyone know if it is possible for a community made mission to access the funds accumulated in the main campaign via scripting (without de-pboing the whole thing and re-pboing it with new missions and getting into all kinds of permissions trouble!)? Thus allowing the community to build further missions that build on the main campaign?

    I think the answer is probably no as;

    1. The funds will be in the saved data for the campaign and not accessible outside of the campaign probably.

    2. It's obviously open to abuse in that you could write a script to make yourself rich (although you would only be hurting yourself).

    It seems to me to be an opportunity to bolster the campaign, allow people to tailor it and keep people interested? I would certainly like to script some missions that would build on the campaign.

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    Cool Take On Continued

    Quote Originally Posted by Jedra View Post
    1. The funds will be in the saved data for the campaign and not accessible outside of the campaign probably.
    No, they are saved persistently and can be, same as whole heliport, accessed from anywhere. See Heliport on Biki for more details.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jedra View Post
    2. It's obviously open to abuse in that you could write a script to make yourself rich (although you would only be hurting yourself).
    Yes, you can. How, that's for you to figure out

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    I'm going to need a bigger bank.....

    Seriously, that's great. So I can write a mission which will effectively allow players to build on (and spend) their campaign funds.

    If anyone wants me I will be in the biki....

    -----> EDIT.

    Ok, this is is now adds a little more responisibilty to mission makers. I don't want to be the first one that writes a mission that effectively wipes someone's campaign funds or inadvertantly adds millions to their coffers! Also maybe ther community need to come up with some guidlines themselves as to what level of reward should be added for missions. I guess it is fair to say that anyone making use of this should state what the reward would be, which would allow the person downloading it the chance not to play it if it's a stupid amount!

    I have to say though - I like this - it becomes a never ending campaign.
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    I was thinking the same Idea about this. Maybe it is possible to get single player missions (user-made) into the career with contract options. Making things a bit more realistic and more fun

    Would also be fun when you buy the luxury heavy for example you get acces to more private transport contract etc

    In other words it has gotten me interested into making mission ... how i dunno now because i am noob in that ... but it will be fun

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    So does anyone know how to add one of your missions to the career mode? I've never scripted missions outside the game before, except doing modifications to scripts created by others, but all my missions are made within the confines of the editor except mabye adding a html file and some music or w/e.

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    Is there like an addFunds command that can be used on objective completion to extend the campaign / use of the heliport?

    Could it be this?

    	Author: Karel Moricky
    	Adds money to heliport account.
    	If account does not exist yet, it will create one.
    	_this select 0: NUMBER - Added amount
    	NUMBER - Amount of money after transaction
    private ["_add","_money","_show"];
    _add = [_this,0,0,[0]] call bis_fnc_param;
    _show =	[_this,1,true,[true]] call bis_fnc_param;
    //--- Get money
    _money = [hsim_heliportDB,["money"]] call BIS_fnc_dbValueReturn;
    if (isnil "_money") then {_money = 0;};
    //--- Add money
    _money = _money + _add;
    //--- Save
    [hsim_heliportDB,["money"],_money] call BIS_fnc_dbValueSet;
    //--- Display
    if (_add != 0) then {
    	[_show,_add] spawn BIS_fnc_heliportMoneyDisplay;
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    You can use outside the campaign (in other missions you have made)


    To add money to your saved campaign heliport



    To remove that amount from your saved campaign heliport (note the “-“)

    where "000 or -000" is the amount in $ +- from the campaign heliport (if you have one, if not one will be made).

    You can use it in triggers etc. to add money for tasks or to remove money,

    I like this one I came up with

    To remove $5000 per hour running costs for an air ambulance (fuel, parts life, wage (3 crew + ground staff) etc (Inc VAT)) for the time you’re in the mission (divide running cost per hour in $ by 3600 sec to get the cost factor to use as a "-####" value, you can even have a death cost you $###### and yes your heliport can go into minus figures beneath $0!

    it’s as much fun setting deductions as setting additions thus getting penalty or reward or an element of “cost” involved, it’s just a shame the campaign is now redundant as I have done everything in it bar the last mission (before any of the above)
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    Yea I have the same problem, also I have yet to come across a mission where FLIR, Camera or Searchlights are used. Have you had any missions involving them?

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