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Thread: Super low GPU usage on MP only???

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    Added info into ticket, included dxdiag.
    My System:

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    Any one just seeing this thread- add your System info here ... I also just tested Arma 1 and the problem is there to :O!
    Low FPS and GPU usage in multiplayer? Vote it up
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    I've been playing the project reality mod recently and always after 30-60 min my gpu usage goes down to 15-50%. I also think I get low fps if I join a pr-server if it's been running the mission that long too.

    Don't know if the problem lies in the mission or something else. Because there is no AI and maybe 40-60 people playing.

    The fps doesn't change whatever I do with my settings.

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    Sniper- I think it may be all the custom stuff the missions running and then it kills your performance over time

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    Okey but I'm still pretty sure I get this with other missions too such as domination etc. Just wanted to show that maybe the problem isn't with getting low fps because of the AI.
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    haha I know, I just made that post to bump the thread without saying "Bump" xPP! (The smart man way of saying 'bump' )

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    Haha sneaky

    I just hope that we can get some explanations on why our gpu's are acting this way. If it's a problem with our hardware, drivers etc, or maybe something in the engine/missions. =)

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    I have been doing some testing and it seems its mainly AI that kill performance. AI and Cities. If you set up a firefight on chernaus or somewhere moniter your FPS. as soon as the shooting starts, your FPS dies, and your GPU usage hits the Shitter.

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    well, i am getting slightly better performance after patch 1.60, and having a ssd with windows 7 64bit installed, so it can address all my 4GB ram instead of limited to 3GB. but now i encounter crashes due to too small swapfile... cant ever solve it can we?

    what is your video memory setting burdy?
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    I have never had the Crashes :O and I been trying Default recently, When I use Very High, the textures randomly get really blurry often

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