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    nearestLocation [(getPos player), "nameCity"];

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    Hi everyone, just wanna share this...

    I was wondering how to get the Heliport from the campaign, with all the furniture and stuff.
    Well, i found it.

    Just put your player near the heliport and add the following code to your init.sqf

    This will setup the Heliport interior:
    PHP Code:
    _HeliPort nearestObject [(getPos player), "Land_Heliport_Small_H"];
    getPos _HeliPort), (getDir _HeliPort), "heliport_hangarDefault"spawn BIS_fnc_ObjectsMapper
    And the exterior:
    PHP Code:
    _HeliPort nearestObject [(getPos player), "Land_Heliport_Small_H"];
    getPos _HeliPort), ((getDir _HeliPort) + 110), "heliport_hangarExterior"spawn BIS_fnc_ObjectsMapper

    Composition classlist:
    heliport_hangarDefault Heliport hangar (small)
    heliport_hangarExterior Heliport exterior
    heliport_helipadCivil Helicopter landing pad (Civilian)
    heliport_helipadInvisible Helicopter landing position (invisible)
    heliport_shipWreck Vrana Corp. shipwreck

    Army FOB South Asia (Located just east of Qabedzan):
    PHP Code:
    _objs = [[78506.13376725.117], 0call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "hsim\missions_h\campaign\missions\us_mil_02.south_asia_h\dyno_us_mil_02_1.sqf"))] call BIS_fnc_ObjectsMapper

    To have the FOB on a different location just place a Game Logic and put this into it's init line:
    PHP Code:
    theFOB = [(getPos this), 0call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "hsim\missions_h\campaign\missions\us_mil_02.south_asia_h\dyno_us_mil_02_1.sqf"))] call BIS_fnc_ObjectsMapper
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    thanks for sharing

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    Uh, or you could press F7 in the editor and add the Heliport module, and sync it to a helicopter and voila :P The only problem though is that the helicopter will spawn on the helipad right outside the hangar, and the player will spawn in the helicopter. Which is only a problem if you wanted them somewhere else, which I actually do in my mission, which means I will have use of your script! Thank you.


    1st Edit: Is there a way to change what helicopter spawns inside the hangar?

    2nd Edit: Apperantly it does not work to press F7 for me in the editor, but you can still click on the modules button.
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